7 easy outfits for extreme summer heat

Just like midwesterners get sick of winter, I get very, very tired of summer. Is it over yet?! Nope, not for at least another month. I have created some easy outfits lately for dealing with hot temperatures when you still want to feel put together. It’s hard to pick out summer outfits because the “third piece” rule (add a third item to an outfit to make it cool!) is just out the window. So, here are my recent attempts at layering that makes me feel like it’s early fall, without overheating.

Tailored dress + sporty accessories

Tevas and Chacos are having a big fashun moment right now and I’ve seen several retailers styling shirt dresses with sport sandals. I like that this combo is unexpected but cool, especially because I have a zero tolerance policy for uncomfy shoes. If I had to buy a new pair of Tevas it would definitely be these but I’m also IN LOVE with the new Chacos. What would you pick? My current pair has been on many hikes and rafted the Grand Canyon!

A bandana

I’m so glad we all went through the bandana phase 2-3 years ago because now they make a great impromptu face covering! I am pretty good at remembering masks by now but I’ve also been tying this bandana to all my purses just in case. I tie mine niiiice and loose because it’s, as I said, damn hot out.

Shirt as layer

My first instinct is to tie a button down around my waist but I’ve been enjoying wearing them open over a tee instead. I can always use the sun protection and it’s easy to just throw the top layer in the car when I’m driving and then bring it into the chilly AC. I love it with these shorts.


Belts! Belts are the perfect summer third piece. They give my outfit a little extra touch that adds no layers! I have also been looooving the loose leg, long shorts trend this summer. The more 90s the better!

Shirt as layer, part 2

This is a flannel so it’s not actually realistic for daytime wear but nice if I have to head into the freezing grocery store (or my office). This flannel is super old Madewell but here’s a similar one.

A scrunchie

I love the idea of any hair accessory but I’m very bad at putting them on–at least a scrunchie serves a very clear purpose of keeping hair out of my face. I am planning to wear mine in a low messy bun next!

Wide leg pants

Before I tried this I thought people who wore pants in the summer were unwise, but I’ve been really into culottes this summer. In the right fabric (the more breathable the better) they can actually be better than shorts because they ward off the sun and aren’t tight! Here are my current favorite pair. Also, this white tee has been my favorite for layering with button downs because it is stretchy and form fitting.

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