Virtual coffee: Looks as all over the place as my mood and funny women on the internet

Hello, it’s me, Rebecca, and I’m wearing bike shorts. I wanted to hate bike shorts. I was committed to hating bike shorts. I love bike shorts. Here are some more things I wore this week and some other things I’ve generally appreciated and consumed on the internet.

What I wore:

I started doing this tiny bun in my hair last week. It is genius, because it means I only have to curl half my hair to feel put together, and it feels both absurd and sporty. Trevor has made multiple unfavorable comparisons to movie characters, all of which have made me even more committed to wearing more tiny buns. Shirt(gifted)/Sweats(similar)/Shoes(gifted)

This outfit has been giving me very vivid camping flashbacks. I think it’s the Chaco’s. I bought these sandals recently in hopes of breaking the endless cycle of burning through two pairs of Target sandals every summer. They have a more substantial sole so I am optimistic?? Shirt/Jeans(similar)/Shoes

It’s fair to say I’ve worn my ponte pants so many times this month they are probably yelling at me to cut it out so they can rest or go in the wash. No work from home pant compares. Top(gifted)/Pants/Shoes

All of these outfits have made me reflect on how my work from home needs differ–suddenly I want my loosest pants (I haven’t grabbed those wide leg jeans in a while) and anything that lifts my spirits (which has included wearing more color). I guess I thought about not posting this group of outfits because what even is my style here?!? Doesn’t matter at the moment. My feelings are wildly inconsistent and my clothes are too. At least I’m having some fun.

Fun distractions:

-The baking continues in our house, with gnocchi (surprisingly easy, no special tools required–I make a double batch and freeze half) and sourdough cinnamon rolls (I make cinnamon rolls every Christmas and they have NEVER been this good).

-I realize that I consistently circle a few woman-run websites I’m very into yet I don’t link them that often, so may I recommend Just Good Shit (for reading lists) and Kelton Wright (who documented all her dating adventures for a while, it’s worth the deep dive). I read Buzzfeed’s list of funny tweets by women every week too.

-Is this the phase of quarantine where I attempt to dye clothes with avocado pits? The new Kotn release is tempting me to DIY (do not worry, I have already made bread and cut my own hair, no, I have not made a dalgona).

-Reading for fun, nonfiction: This month has understandably made me think of this book, which reflects on what big natural disasters teach us about human nature, I just finished this book (amazing coping mechanism if you’ve ever been in a dysfunctional workplace: compare it to Uber), next up is American Heiress, about the kidnapping of Patty Hearst.

I hope you are as well as can be.

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7 thoughts on “Virtual coffee: Looks as all over the place as my mood and funny women on the internet”

  1. If I were your student, I would not be able to focus because I’d be too distracted by your amazing sense of style!


  2. I too expected to hate bike shorts but have kind of fallen in love with them. My lockdown grow-out is working me towards the mini bun look too!


  3. Love the links to funny women online! Thanks for sharing. The amusing yet informative article about Crocs from Just Good Shit alllmoooost made me buy some. We shall see if I cave.


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