Virtual coffee: Surprising work from home outfits and easy clothing projects

Greetings from week 3. I am sipping my coffee and basking in the relief of being done recording video lectures for the week. And you know what? I kind of like working from home. I imagine it would be far more peaceful if I was, uh, not doing so during a time of existential dread, but not having to go anywhere to start work has been pretty nice. I wore some clothes this week and read some stuff this week and even attempted a few verrrrry minimally involved clothing DIYs, so let’s get to them!

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Shorts

It’s finally warm so I got to wear my Clyde shorts from the Elizabeth Suzann sample sale out of the house. This is my first ES item and they are lovely. The canvas is really sturdy and I’m excited to (fingers crossed) travel with them this summer as I think they would hold up well for hiking, beach days, and normal activities. I found them true to size but the elastic waist just barely fits over my hips, which I know is a challenge with Clyde sizing based on the extensive googling I did before purchasing 🙂

Sweater/Shorts/Similar shoes

This is from the day I learned that if you put a cozy long sleeve under a button up you do look a little like a priest but you are far comfier than anyone else in a button up on zoom.

Similar shirt/Similar pants/Shoes

Everlane Linen Short Sleeve Jumpsuit and Court Sneaker

The most surprising thing I’ve enjoyed putting on this week is jumpsuits. Jumpsuits for working from home? It’s surprisingly comfy, plus I’m never totally sure if I’m allowed to wear jumpsuits to work so now is my chance. This jumpsuit fits me true to size–it is linen so it is oh-so-soft (and thankfully not see through), but yes, it does get wrinkly.

Jumpsuit/Shoes (both gifted)

Everlane Modern Babo

Ahhh this is my holy grail jumpsuit! I found it on Poshmark and this style has been on my list forever. I wanted something I could layer with teeshirts but finding tall jumpsuits is such a challenge. I have been enjoying layering it with cozy sweaters but, let’s be real, can’t wait to wear it somewhere fancier.

Also, THESE SHOES! I found them on Poshmark and they are the softest thing in the world. I can’t wait to take them to be reheeled once we are allowed outside again.

Similar jumpsuit/Similar sweater/Shoes

Everlane Modern Babo

Easy clothing projects:

I’ve been doing some very small projects this week to work with the clothes I already have (my need to stress shop is at an all time high..I’m working on it). All of these projects made feel productive but not overwhelmed. I don’t know about you but I have had a hard time concentrating lately and am reluctant to take on any big sewing projects (I can’t even get through a book).

Leather Conditioning Shoes and Bags Tutorial How To

-Cleaning and conditioning leather: I picked the first result for leather shampoo and conditioner on Amazon and have not looked back since. I wipe off the surface of leather items first, then use a microfiber cloth and the cleaner to wipe off any dirt. I let shoes/purses sit for about an hour and then come back with the conditioner. It has made a big difference in the life of my purses and especially boots after rain or snow.

-Dyeing stained items: I picked up some black Rit Dye from Target to attempt to save my favorite black tee shirt, which I accidentally bleached. I plan to use the rest of it to make some tie dye on a couple of stained white shirts. Instructions here.

-Cutting old pants into shorts. I have a pair of white jeans that I’ve never really liked, plus they have a stain on the leg I cannot get out. I also added a pair of white shorts to a shopping cart the other day before I had the “no duh” epiphany that I could do it myself. Tutorial here.

Easy recipes: This week we cooked this Smitten Kitchen easy sausage/veggie roast and learned that our sourdough discard can become pizza dough in a flash. We also went back for another round of candied oranges because they are our new favorite snack! Have you cooked anything lately that you loved?

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