Shopping ethical fashion while tall: My giant list of Tall Women’s Clothing Brands and Ethical Brands that Come in Tall Sizes

I don’t talk about this much, but I’m pretty tall. 5’11.5″, to be exact. Today, I want to talk about clothing brands that are doing a good job making clothes for tall women! I am starting to look for more conscious, ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable clothing to add to my own wardrobe–just taking a few steps while recognizing that these clothes are often out of my price range. I tried my best to include the lower-priced ethical fashion brands that I’ve been admiring that also happen to make tall sizes. Here’s my round up of tall ethical fashion brands!

Here are the ethical brands I have found that include tall items. I also asked my Instagram friend, Nat, for her suggestions and we crowdsourced! Plus, I included a list of cheaper brands that I keep an eye out for when thrifting! I just want to say that if you’re someone on a budget who is reading this I don’t think you should feel a guilt or need to buy from these pricier brands–I have been, and still am, there with you. The thrifting list at the bottom is where most of my clothing money gets directed. But, when I can save up for something really nice, here are some of the items I love….


  • Brand: Everlane
  • My picks: The high-rise skinny jean
  • Had to put them in here somewhere. Everlane only makes longer inseam (30”) denim at the moment and they can be hard to get your hands on (they’re usually gone by the time they’re on sale). Everlane also finally makes my beloved straight leg crop pant in a non-cropped version! Prices range from $68-78.
  • Brand: Sotela Co
  • Nat’s pick: she owns the Ryan pants
  • Sotela frequently offers discounts to their e-mail subscribers (10-15% discount). Pants range between $150-200. Inseam length on the tall sizes starts at 30” and goes up to 32.5”. The sizing numbering here is not conventional – so check out the detailed sizing tab on Sotela’s website for each pair of pants.
  • Brand: notPERFECTLINEN
  • My picks: The Genova pant (above)
  • NPL doesn’t *say* anything about long inseams, but they will do them at no extra cost! All you have to do is leave a comment when you check out asking for the inseam you would like. The dream! Many items are under $100, but have a long wait time (6-8 weeks). 
  • Brand: Athleta
  • My picks: Velocity tights (amazing) or the Cutout One-Piece
  • Athleta is a B-Corp and they have a big selection of tall leggings and shorts. They have joggers, leggings, and even jeans. They also have tall one piece swimsuits !!!! this is not a drill, people!!!!


  • Brand: Brass Clothing
  • My picks: The A-Line and Essential Dress (below)
  • Brass now makes multiple pairs of pants (their “all day pant” is in the top picture), jeans, and dresses in longer lengths. They are my go-to for ethical workwear–perfect for when your linen pants just don’t do the trick. Brass is also on the lower end of the cost spectrum for ethical clothing. You can also get $25 off your first Brass order using code REBECCA25.
  • Brand: DiMiloc
  • My pick: Floral maxi dress
  • I haven’t tried this brand yet but they make long length skirts and dresses in the USA. Anyone who has weathered the maxi dress trend at 6’0” knows that finding long enough dresses is a challenge. Prices are around $150 per item, but I found some cute stuff on sale for $80-90.
  • Brand: Amalli Talli
  • My pick: The Vernon jumpsuit. I’m dying over here.
  • This boutique is owned by two sisters and they have their own line of made-in-the-USA clothing. And, most importantly, jumpsuits. Give me all the jumpsuits! There isn’t much more information available about manufacturing here so that is something to look into. Prices are around $75 per item.


  • Brand: Taylor Tall
  • My pick: Drop shoulder button down
  • Why do retailers assume that just my legs require extra length? I’ve got a 6’ wingspan over here and anyone who has ever zumba-ed next to me can tell you all about me almost hitting them in the face. We. need. longer. sleeves. Taylor Tall is in a league of their own for tall ethical clothing right now–all clothes are made to order, and they involve adjustments, not just for limb length, but also for the fact that yes, my entire body is tall, and the cut of the whole item needs to be a little longer. I’ve got a blog post on them coming later this month so I’ll leave it at that for now 🙂


Obviously mainstream retailers also produce tall clothing, usually at a lower cost. They aren’t the most “ethical” producers out there (looking at you, J. Crew) so I do try to look for them at a thrift store or on Poshmark first. These options, for me, are:

  • J. Crew: Best suit and blazer selection. Appropriate work dresses.
  • Loft: Cheapest of the tall dress pants. The rest of their game is weak in my opinion.
  • Old Navy: They produce so much of everything it’s really easy to find “trendy” pieces from them (especially jumpsuits!).
  • Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap: I tend to look for these three less, but sometimes I find things I like.
  • ASOS Tall: Omg, the online mecca of formal wear for tall people. You need a statement suit? ASOS. You need a floor length gown? ASOS. The only downside is there is absolutely no information about sizing on their website, so you are left guessing. If you’re on Poshmark I tend to ask people for measurements on their ASOS items.

How do I find tall women’s clothing on Poshmark? There are a couple of search terms I type in–usually “tall,” “6T” (this is my size and how J. Crew labels tall items), and “long.” Then I filter by brands I know produce tall clothing, above.

So that’s where we’re at right now on tall ethical clothing. A niche market within a niche market, as if it wasn’t already hard enough to find long pants. Got any tall brands you love? Please send them my way! And if you want to continue this conversation on Instagram, Nat and I are now using the tag #tallethicalfashion. Share your outfits!

9 thoughts on “Shopping ethical fashion while tall: My giant list of Tall Women’s Clothing Brands and Ethical Brands that Come in Tall Sizes”

  1. Have you checked out e-Shakti? I know they allow for customization of items (and all dresses have pockets). They might be good for someone who is tall.


  2. Thank you so much for this! As someone who is 6 feet 3/4 inches, I will take all the help I can get when it comes to finding retailers that offer tall/long sizes.


    1. Yesss tall person club! Same. It is both a blessing and a curse–on one hand finding clothes is hard, on the other it does make me thinking long and hard before buying something! 🙂


  3. Thank you for the post!! Same deal with me,, my legs aren’t just tall, my arms and torso are too so a place that makes clothing tall beyond pants is amazing but hard to find. Thank you again for sharing!

    I do want to add in here Lands End as they offer talls in pants, tops, swimsuits, dresses. Their tall collection is not as robust as their regular, petite, or plus ones but Lands End is still a blessing! Check them out!


  4. Hi Rebecca! I love that you’ve compiled these brands that offer tall clothing for women! I’m 5’11”, pretty close to 6′ so I am always in need of pants with a longer inseam. I love that pic of you in the Genova pant by notPERFECTLINEN, and I think we’re close to the same size in the waist — if you’re comfortable sharing, what size did you get of those pants as I’m thinking I may order a pair? Thank you! ~Allie


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