Outfits Lately: July 1-15

I’m sitting in a hotel room in right now, feeling like I should grade for my online summer class, but really just too distracted by my hopes that we will get the rental house we put in for yesterday. Moving is always a whirlwind and I never feel fully informed when making housing decisions, but here we go! While we wait, how about some mirror selfies?

First: some workwear. I’ve been trying to look presentable on days I work on my online course because it gives me some motivation. This outfit was a long time in the making, because I first tried on this Everlane skirt 2 years ago before sending it back because it felt out of my budget. Fortunately I caught it on Poshmark this time around!

Shoes: Kork Ease, old

Skirt: Thrifted (no longer online sadly)

Bag: Madewell Transport Tote

Shirt: J Crew

Dress: Brass ($30 off your first purchase if you use my referral here)

Sandals: Target

Not workwear, but I received several “omg me too” replies when I posted this outfit on Instagram. After hating denim shorts for the past 2 years, I read a brilliant online comment suggesting that I just go up 2-3 sizes to get shorts that aren’t tight in the legs. And voila! This pair is a size 30 and the legs are comfier (and in my opinion more flattering) than usual. I might tailor the waist but the size difference hasn’t bothered me yet.

Shorts: Nordstrom Rack

Shirt: Madewell, old (similar)

Shoes: Tevas

I never went back for this straw bag but I should have. I went for this all light neutrals look for a dinner date with Trevor. Lee from Style Bee gave me the idea to pair it with black sandals. I felt fancy!

Shirt: Madewell (here’s the summer version)

Shorts: Thrifted 3.1 Phillip Lim

Shoes: Target

Which brings us to my current outfits: Sundresses that are appropriate for rental house hunting. This is the second bathroom on the house we applied for. It’s nothing special but the rest of the house is nice and we like the neighborhood (minus that you can see a casino from the backyard…but those pictures are for another day!).

Dress: Madewell

Here’s what I’ve been reading and browsing recently:

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