Home inspiration: Living room ideas

I am currently in a Pinterest spiral of looking at new home decor ideas. Want to join me? Here are some pictures of our new rental house and some thoughts I am having about the living room. If you have good decor store recommendations/design blogs/an eye for house layouts, comments would be so appreciated!

This is what you see from the kitchen. The house is a 3 bedroom, about 1300 square feet. I really loved it in part because of this size–our current apartment is 1000 square feet and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by space, which is a little difficult when moving from an apartment to a house!

First impressions: Everything in this house is so beige. That’s a southwestern decor preference in general, but I’ve heard that beige is making a comeback, so I’m trying to embrace it, even though most of our current furniture is based on coordinating around our grey couch. This studio space is my current inspiration for the living room:

Here’s what’s on my wishlist to transition our grey couch to get along with the tan walls:

Linen pillows, coral pillows, beige velvet pillows

Light fixture (we have a white pendant already so I’ll reuse that)

Silver couch legs

Rug (top picture)


As for the layout: clearly that little inlet in the top picture is for the TV. I think we will put it there? The couch will probably go 2/3rds of the way back on the carpet, and when we have forgotten how dang expensive moving is, maybe we’ll get an armchair as well. I’m wondering if I should hang curtains? Or just deal with the blinds? We also have a record cabinet and I’m not sure where to put it a the moment. What would you do with this layout?

4 thoughts on “Home inspiration: Living room ideas”

  1. Cute! Glad you were able to find a place. I like the photo inspo of a gray couch working with warmer pillows and beige walls. It will all work itself out 🙂


  2. Lovely vibe! Maybe for now leave the curtains. The blinds have nice clean, uncluttered lines, and nice curtains can be pricey! Leave it until you’ve lived with it for a while, to see what you actually want/need/like. Perhaps weather starts getting cooler, and you realise you need them to keep the heat in!


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