Thrifted haul: March

After my shopping freeze in January, I decided to refocus my shopping efforts. My heart has been set on spring and summer-friendly teaching clothes that I can start integrating into my wardrobe now, but will be useful for the upcoming season and our impending move to a much warmer climate! With that in mind, here are the items I’ve thrifted in the last month.

I got these Loft chinos off of Poshmark. I was worried because they have embroidery all down the side, which I know is trendy right now but it felt like it could have looked terrible. Turns out it isn’t all that noticeable. I’m excited to have lighter colored pants to break up all the black I own. I’ve been making conscious moves toward lighter neutrals lately and I really like how much versatility they give to my wardrobe.

Also, Everlane just released chinos, which made me laugh a bit, because chinos are just all over the secondhand market (I got mine brand new for $15!), but they are certainly providing some styling inspo for me now–with a soft yellow shirt and a jean jacket next?? Yes please.

I’m pretty firm on sticking to my list of clothing wants (I keep a phone note!) when I thrift, but all bets were off when I saw this Ann Taylor set on Poshmark. I can teach in the top when paired with pants. The rest of the time, however, I am totally planning to wear the set together and enjoy looking like a cross between a picnic basket and Taylor Swift circa the Red-era (and hopefully one day looking this cool).

I’m still not sure about this J. Crew Going Places dress in white linen (another item that is abundant on Poshmark). I like it but it’s a little big in the hip area, plus the wrinkles seem hard to eliminate. I enjoy linen but I’m not sure if I want such a structured piece (versus more oversized dresses where the wrinkles might not look as prominent). Thoughts, please? Linen wrinkle-reduction solutions?

Last, I picked up this Lysse white tank top and this J. Crew linen skirt. Lysse has been my favorite warm weather brand for several years now because they make work wear out of athletic fabrics, which is damn genius. I like this top but it’s a bit clingy irl. I’ll see how much wear I get out of it. The J. Crew palm skirt….had my heart from the very beginning. Can’t wait to layer it with ankle booties and my olive jacket when it gets a little warmer.

In the spirit of capsule wardrobing, here’s what I cleaned out of my closet this month:

  • 1 pair of jeans (sold on Poshmark)
  • 2 pairs of shoes (listed on Poshmark currently)
  • 1 work top
  • 4 loungewear items (free t shirts, old sweat pants)
  • 1 pair of running shoes (got a brand new pair on poshmark, score! but no photography because they live in my gym locker).

I hope warmer days are coming and I can wear these items out soon (who am I kidding, Colorado is getting a blizzard tonight!).

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