What I’m wearing during rage winter

I want to burn everything to the ground when it snows. Late February and early March certainly bring out the worst in me, and I get absurdly grumpy when the forecast says anything below 45 degrees. It doesn’t help that every advertisement I see is pushing Spring! Spring! Spring!, or that I’ve been stuck wearing only the same 3 pairs of waterproof boots for the last 4 months. So here’s what I’m wearing in March to combat my why-is-it-still-winter rage.

The first thing I did to deal with winter boredom is browse Pinterest for more outfit ideas. This year, I noticed the trend of still bundling up but switching to lighter colors. Like it’s ~symbolically~ spring even though the sidewalks are still covered in ice chunks, ya know?

This is perfect for me because I just thrifted some cream colored dress pants. For now, I’ll be layering them with leggings underneath and a light sweater and jacket, plus some warmer brown accessories like my first Pinterest inspiration image.

Another strategy is to just break out my spring shirts and start wearing them early–with layers. I like the idea of pops of brighter colors. Nothing says “I am in denial that it will snow for the next two months” like gingham….

Similarly, delicate blouses can be winter-fied with cute warm layers. This sweater coat has been my winter champion because it is made of heavy wool (and it’s currently on sale!). Also, I’ve been reaching more for my Madewell boyjean because of the lighter wash and looser fit (with leggings underneath they still work in winter). I sandwiched my lace shirt in between them for a nice transitional outfit.

This blog post would be a lie if I didn’t tell you that I am a shopping monster in February and March. Maybe it’s tax season? Maybe it’s being very tired of being cold? Either way, I’m trying (and failing) to stop acquiring aspirational spring and summer wear at this point. But, because that mostly doesn’t work, I’m also at the very least trying to go thrifting first, so my warm weather purchases don’t hurt my bank account too much. If you have other advice for curing the winter blues, please share!

2 thoughts on “What I’m wearing during rage winter”

  1. We have snow mounds in front of our house that will still be there in July. I feel this post! That first sweater looks like the ultimate in soft. Where is the handbag from? I’m hunting for something in that style/color.


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