Easy dinner recipes for stressed grad students

I’m trying to get back into actually enjoying cooking at home this year. Cooking at home used to be my favorite activity, but since moving into an apartment with a kitchen for hobbits I’ve found it a little less fun. Having amazing recipes definitely helps, though. And by amazing, I mean recipes that are incredibly simple and don’t involve buying one-time fancy ingredients I will never use again. Here are the recipes we’ve actually been making over and over in our 2 grad student house…

All on one pan:

Sausage and potato roast

One pot zucchini mushroom pasta


Pesto lasagna

-Pulled chicken: add four chicken breasts to crockpot, dump a can of black beans, can of corn, and jar of salsa on top. Cook on low for 8 hours, shred chicken with a fork to combine, serve on tortillas. 


Quinoa enchilada casserole

Tortellini soup


Sheet pan tofu and green beans

Trader Joe’s Hacks

-Combine 1 carton tomato roasted red pepper soup, 1 can cuban style black beans (drained), & ½ package frozen fire roasted corn, heat up on stove

-Prepare a package of Trader Joe’s ravioli (8 oz), add ½ cup frozen peas for the last minute, drain, add ½ container of Boursin cheese, a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper

-Dump Trader Joe’s fried rice and potstickers into one pan and stir fry (can also add frozen veggies you have on hand)

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