Shopping for business clothes using Black Friday sales

We’re all friends here, right? Can I just share that my shopping victory of the weekend was finding a suit I want and will actually wear, in a tall size, for $115?! I know that’s steep, but it’s hard to find anything cheaper when it comes to suiting unless you are lucky enough to find one second hand. 

I accomplished this by using Black Friday sales to finally get some business clothes I’ve been eyeing. Yes, I know, the season of giving gifts to others, etc etc…but this is also a really good time to find business casual clothes at more affordable prices. 

Here are some picks from the J. Crew sale, which is 50% off almost everything. That makes J. Crew almost affordable! Above, the suit I bought (jacket $75, pants $40). Below, some other good choices: 

Bodysuit ($45). A button up that’s a bodysuit? That’s genius.

Plaid pants ($45) Should I go back for these?

Sheath dress ($40)

Drapey top ($15) These are so great under jackets.

If you see anything in J. Crew sale but not in your size, in my experience it almost always restocks. I tend to check the website daily just in case. Also, if you’re thinking “agh I can’t buy business clothes right now!” J. Crew also does 50% off all clearance in January and July, so there are always other opportunities. Have you seen any other sales going on that are great? Let me know!

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