Style on a budget: Sezane lookalikes for cheaper

If you don’t know about Sezane you should probably skip this post, because I think the cool French clothing company is out to steal my whole wallet. They’re unsuccessful, though, because $120 for a shirt is noooooope not happening on a graduate student budget. 

….but that doesn’t mean I can’t look. 

Looking at expensive clothes is a hobby of mine. It could be purely painful, but I actually like looking at the inspiration and then keeping a phone note of items I want to find on sale or thrift. In the spirit of that, here are some Sezane pieces I have been coveting, along with cheaper “dupes” of those items.

White lace shirts: Sezane is all about the lace shirts. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this lookalike at Loft for under $30. I bought this shirt this week! More lookalikes below.

Lacey sweaters: Sezane/lookalike (under $30)

I love alll the Sezane sweaters, which often have tiny lace details. I have not been able to find any dupes. But then I saw someone on Instagram who had made a total lookalike using a lace cami and a v-neck sweater. Done! Here’s another good lace sweater if you like blush better. 

Checkered pants: Sezane/lookalike ($32)

Duuude I love these. ASOS is such a good source for trendy items that are also business-y.

Shirt dresses: Sezane/lookalike/under $30

Swooooon. One reason I love looking at Sezane is that they’re so good at styling things. This makes me want to switch out the belt on my current shirtdress for some warm tones. 

Dark florals: Sezane/lookalike/lookalike (under $30)

Y’all know I love a dark floral. The preferred uniform of academic witches everywhere. 

Are there other expensive brands you want to see copied for less? Let me know!

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