Style on a budget: Sezane lookalikes for cheaper

If you don’t know about Sezane you should probably skip this post, because I think the cool French clothing company is out to steal my whole wallet. They’re unsuccessful, though, because $120 for a shirt is noooooope not happening on a graduate student budget. 

….but that doesn’t mean I can’t look. 

Looking at expensive clothes is actually a hobby of mine. It could be purely painful, but I actually like looking at the inspiration and then keeping a phone note of items I want to find on sale or thrift. In the spirit of that, here are some Sezane pieces I have been coveting, along with cheaper “dupes” of those items. Now updated for 2022!

White lace shirts: Sezane is all about the lace shirts. Theirs are beautiful and intricate–but Madewell and J. Crew also offer some nice lace, ruffle, and eyelet options that are the same look for less so they’re always a good place to look. Also, this top looks so lovely, is a major budget pick, and would look great with dark denim!

Sezane makes lovely cardigans, but fortunately, cardigans are having a moment right now. Search for words like “mohair” (how they get their fuzzy vibes), cardigans with buttons that match the fabric color, and details like “puff sleeve.” This Abercrombie cardigan could be styled similarly–buttoned all the way up and tucked in!

PS: I love all the Sezane sweaters that often have tiny lace details. I have not been able to find any dupes. But then I saw someone on Instagram who had made a total lookalike using a lace cami and a v-neck sweater in the same color!

Sezane loves a checkered pant and so do I so I keep abandoning them in shopping carts. Old Navy has a similar pair that comes in curvy and regular sizing! Add some loafers, socks, and a statement earring and you’re rocking the same look!

A good polka dot shirt dress is a great fall look and layers well with tights later! The Sezane version is $200, this version is $50. The belt and tall boots styling is a must here–Sezane loves a waist belt. I just bought one like this to wear over cardigans and blazers all fall!

Finally, a Sezane lookalike list wouldn’t be complete without some lovely dark floral patterns, like this dress. Y’all know I love a dark floral. The preferred uniform of academic witches everywhere. This was the most elusive thing to find a “dupe” of. H&M has the right cut in a lighter pattern while Nordstrom has the right color (and a plus size option).

I find it really useful to check out the brands I love before going budget shopping (whether online or in the thrift store!). Just taking a peek at inspiration images before tends to help me find similar styles for less. Here are a few more cute Sezane-esque looks I found on my internet travels this week:

Pleated pants

Striped top

White midi dress

Are there other expensive brands you want to see copied for less? Let me know!

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

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