Gifts for grad students

Certain holidays are coming up. Here’s what I’m wishlisting, or what I might gift our grad office if I had any disposable income…

A book stand


I asked for one for Christmas last year and let me tell you, it is so much easier to take notes when you don’t have to hold books open with cell phones/staplers/anything on hand while transcribing quotes. It also just looks so nice on my desk. $11 on Amazon. More gifts below.

An electric kettle

There is just nothing cozier when you’re reading 800 PDFs than tea. This colorful design ($40) would be great in my ugly apartment kitchen. Budget option, $18.

A great gym tee

So the bros at the gym know what you’re about. $18 on LookHuman.

Tech accessories

My laptop case has elephants on it. It’s fun, but now I’m on the job market. A simple design like this is perfect for any daredevils in your department who are still walking around without laptop protection. Laptop sleeve, $20.

Bath bombs

Because grad students are on “just the essentials” budgets, I think that frivolous items sometimes make the most thoughtful gifts. A friend got me this facemask set ($36) last year while I was taking my comprehensive exams and it was so thoughtful I just about cried. Bath bombs, $25.

Fun desk accessories

My mom bought me these squishy cat stress balls for Christmas last year, and everyone in my office wanted one. For the price, they make a good office gift! Squishy cats, $8.

Reading for fun

For those in need of riveting nonfiction to inspire their own writing, and a memoir that reminds you why your degree is so precious in the first place. Educated, $17.


The day I started comping, a friend ran into the room, slammed a Starbucks latte down on the table, and wished me good luck. Small gestures can mean a lot ❤

Hope this helps if your parents are doing that whole “what do you waaaaant” thing the day after Thanksgiving, or for any special grad students in your life.

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