What I wore, what I read: 9/24-28

Monday: Teaching, combo cool-morning-hot-day weather, meeting with committee members. Old Navy is my go-to for teaching dresses–especially because they make tall sizes, which are just the amount of coverage I want for the classroom.

Tuesday: White jeans are a fall thing now. We are way past the white after Labor Day rule, okay? Also, Gap is making theirs with tan pockets, so they don’t show through. Brilliant.

Wednesday: Vests are a great “it’s hot out but I want it to be Fall” thing. Also, I just got some Rothy’s second hand (they’re $150 new, sheeeesh) and they are the most comfortable pointed toe flats, ever. This things will be my new conference shoe, I can just tell.

Thursday: This was my “it’s my writing day but we’re hosting a conference on campus so I better look like an adult” outfit. Turns out I was spot on–I showed up to our keynote and everyone was in blazers, which is blasphemy in the Mountain West. Also, Gap is making some great cropped dress pants at the moment.

Friday: What to wear to another conference mixer and teaching, but it’s Friday so I wanted to be comfy? Dress leggings. Dress leggings are the answer.

What I read:

27 tweets about self-care that are too real– Because, grad school, but also, self care is hard

The consequences of skim-reading

If the apocalypse comes, the super wealthy have a plan– I study emergencies, so this was fascinating to me!

The science behind obesity is changing– I could see this being a good teaching tool

This week: Making green chile enchiladas, cozying up, too much grading.

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