Target? For business wear? Groundbreaking.

an unsponsored adventure in which I tried on every item in Target’s new Prologue line

I’ve definitely bought teaching clothes at Target before, but I wouldn’t exactly go there for a suit. But their new line of minimalist business clothes, Prologue, definitely caught my eye, in an Ann Taylor/Everlane sort of way. So today, after I got my flu shot, I decided I deserved a Target trip.

Target trips usually end in new Method cleaning products and desk decor for me, but today I filled my cart with all the REALLY GOOD Prologue stuff and went to try it all on. Here are some of my favorites.

High-rise leggings. These rival the J. Crew Pixie pant in my opinion. With a long layer on top, they look like a substantial fabric, not a legging. $24.99.

I also tried their white button up because I need one. This was a little sheer (ignore my sports bra haha) but the slim fit was nice. I’m wearing a small. $22.99.

Asymmetrical wrap skirt. This skirt FELT amazing, and it looked really cool. Definitely a “looks pricier than it is” item that would look great with a half tucked sweater and boots. $24.99.

Bell sleeve sweatshirt. This fabric is like…luxurious scuba diver. I was a fan, but lord knows I don’t need more olive green. This is the small–I’m usually a size 6, so I would say the fit is oversized. $24.99.

V neck sweater. I can’t even link this to you because it’s sold out online, FOR GOOD REASON. It is actually the softest. Now that I’m typing this I am wondering why I left it behind. Being responsible is no fun.

Similarly, these pants are sold out online. I suspect they are supposed to be closer to full length so that the slit shows off your shoes. If they work for you, please send pictures! The pattern was excellent.

This blazer felt very fierce with the unusual wrap detail. $39.99. It didn’t work for me because I needed to size up to accommodate sleeve length, but that made it not as trim looking.

Aaaand just for fun, here are a couple items that didn’t work out. I think Prologue is taking the Shakespearian name a little too seriously with all these puff sleeves.

And this shirt looked so cool on the hanger but I’m confused about what person has a long enough torso for this v-neck to be work appropriate.

Verdict: for the price, these are incredibly grad school friendly finds. Just maybe not investment pieces. But we have our whole careers to do that 🙂

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