Random things I am into lately

Hi friends! How about a good old-fashioned recommendation round up this week? I’m trying out some beauty products, dinner recipes, podcasts, and books I’m very into, and I’d love your suggestions, too!


Gel nails

I bought a gel nail kit on amazon last month and I absolutely love it. It hasn’t been particularly difficult to do them at home, and I use this remover to avoid nail damage (unlike the salon, which always gets that aggressive little nail filer going!). I really enjoy the routine of doing my nails while watching TV. My manicures last about 1 week right now but are getting stronger every time! Which leads me to…

Cuticle oil

I’ve always thought I was allergic to nail polish because my nails peel a lot! But it turns out dryness was the main culprit, so I now use this cuticle oil once a day and keep this cuticle balm by my desk. Both have been total game changers.

Face lotion

I’ve had two absolute go-tos in this category: the Youth to the People glow dream oil (my nighttime moisturizer) and adaptogen moisture cream. This moisturizer is a bit of a splurge but extremely gentle and fragrance free, and it has been a godsend for winter skin.

On the (slightly) more budget side of the spectrum I just tried this cream and it’s SO great under makeup because it makes you a bit dewy!

A faux tan

Do you use fake tanners? I didn’t until a couple years ago but I really like just a little layer of color when summer starts. After trying several, this stuff is the best. It has a purple base (versus orange) so you don’t look, you know, orange. I use a mitt to apply it and it’s very easy, doesn’t smell too much, and doesn’t transfer to clothes!


I go through phases of inspired/uninspired to cook dinner. Here are a few extremely easy recipes I’ve tried recently:

One pan sausage arugula roast (we make this weekly)

Gnocchi and brussels sprouts (how? how does this come together so fast!!)

Crispy cauliflower tacos (I have been using this method to make crispy taco shells for all kinds of fillings)


I gave up true crime for Lent this year, no, I am not Catholic, but I decided it was a good opportunity to get rid of a habit that is probably pretty bad for me, which is scaring myself with what I watch and listen to every day. So, new shows and podcasts are needed!

So far I’m enjoying this audio book for a sci-fi but not too sci-fi story, and this podcast for intrigue and mystery without the murder (in the words of my husband I am in too deep on Formula 1 but the drama is really good). Finally, if you haven’t listened to Normal Gossip yet, I promise it is delightful!

What are you loving lately??

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2 thoughts on “Random things I am into lately”

  1. Thanks for sharing! That face oil looks amazing. I have super dry skin and have been loving Dieux Instant Angel. It’s pricey-ish but a little goes a long way.
    Re: gel nails – I absolutely love the way they look but with all the recent news on skin cancer risk (it’s a mini tanning bed for your hands…IDK why I didn’t make the connection sooner) I’m trying to switch to press ons. the KISS Impress are surprisingly great and amazing bang for the buck.


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