Spring teaching outfits, part 4

Welcome back to spring teaching outfits! Whether you’re a grad student or professor, I’ll bet you’re excited to see the sun again and finally transition to warm weather clothes. But, what to wear in the classroom? Here are 5 more easy ideas for spring teacher style. Plus, my new haircut 😉

The faux suit

Welcome to pixie cut season!!! I cut mine last week and it feels so good! I am no longer concerned with wind, if I have enough time to air dry my hair, etc etc.

I do notice having a pixie cut changes my style, though. Maybe I’ll gather my thoughts and write a blog post about it but immediately I’m reaching for more high neck tops.

ANYWAY. I wore this outfit to our spring awards ceremony! Picking outfits for awards, banquets, and graduation season is so exciting. I would usually pick a flowy dress but I was receiving an award this year (*happy tears*) so I kinda wanted to do something with more attitude which is how I ended up in:

A houndstooth blazer

Wide leg pants

A ribbed top


I felt cool and young but kind of professional. A week later I ran into a woman in our building and she said “you were the one in the cool suit, right?” So, saving this outfit for future use for sure 🙂

Street styling my blazer

This outfit was entirely inspired by a cool girl Pinterest shot. I haven’t worn this classic J. Crew blazer in a while as oversized blazers have taken over my closet, but it’s a classic for a reason, and I was happy to make it a bit more street-style to teach.



Wide leg pants


The return of the midi skirt

I’ve worn this exact outfit before for a reason, it’s one of my favorite for transition weather! Black and white together is a beloved combo, but lately I’ve been trying to mix in more neutrals for something a bit unexpected.

-Shirt is secondhand Zara

-Skirt (available secondhand, search “Madewell meridian skirt” on Poshmark)


Casual Friday

I haven’t worn leggings to the office before but hey, it’s post-COVID back to work and I do what I want. I really liked this outfit despite not reaching for slim pants as often these days.

Button down


Ponte pants

Weekend adventure outfits

Here are a couple weekend snaps because teachers need time off too, especially as finals week approaches!

Striped tee



I scored this vintage pleather jacket at a vintage market a couple weeks ago. It’s giving me Sezane vibes but was only $25! I wore it with a ribbed bodysuit and wide leg pants for a night out with friends.

That concludes my spring professor outfits for the year! Next up, let’s do some academic conference wear. But for now, if you want to peruse the rest of the series here’s spring teaching outfits part 1, part 2, and part 3.

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6 thoughts on “Spring teaching outfits, part 4”

  1. Your haircut looks great! I always reach for high neck tops the first few days after a dramatic hair change. Also, since everything in my practice switched to telehealth in 2020, high neck has been my go to.

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  2. Love your hair! It gives you such a — and I mean this in the nicest compliment way — the rich, cool, intellectual, artsy bitch who’s got her shit together vibe. Sometimes I’ve seen tall women (including me at 5’11”) get anxious about short hair being disproportionate with height, so it’s great to see that you thoroughly debunk that myth.

    Liked by 1 person

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