Outfits lately

The first of my “no boring clothes” purchases! Plus, 4 easy work outfit ideas!

Hello friends! I’ve been MIA lately because I’m up for my mid-tenure review right now (HOW! HOW!?? COVID has truly been a time thief). Basically during a mid-tenure review you submit all the documents you submit to get tenure, just 3 years early. It’s pretty tiring to compile but I won’t bore you with my work woes. Onto the outfits!

After my recent big closet cleanout I’ve been feeling to total magic of closet alignment. Which is just to say, I’m suddenly picking out clothes I haven’t worn in a while, including this (old) wrap dress! I decided to try layering it but felt a little wicked witch in the striped turtleneck, so I ultimately left the house in this burgundy mockneck top (similar) and clunky boots instead.

What do you think? Which would you pick?

Ouija got in on this outfit moment, which was completely inspired by Margaret Howell runways. And by being freezing last week. Layering invites creativity 🙂


I rented this half and half jacket and it’s (more than) a little funky but I got so many compliments! It was a great way to spice up a simple outfit. My sweater dress is from Modern Citizen and it’s so perfectly cozy but also tricky to find the right temperature to wear it. I’ve decided it’s exactly 65 degrees 🙂 Here are my flats as well.

I wore this to teach (week 4 of the semester is the official Stop Wearing Dresspants cut off, didn’t you know?). I like that everything here is long and slim-cut–which goes against my instincts to find some balance with a shorter jacket–keeps it interesting I think!

Blazer (similar)/Tank/Jeans (similar)/Sneakers

Ok so I said last month that my goal this year is to stop buying so many basics and instead find more statement clothing. So, during my closet cleanout, I gave myself permission to let go of an old jean jacket and find one I really want. And then, while selling some clothes at Buffalo Exchange, I saw sooo many jean jackets in the men’s section and picked out this one!

My old jean jacket was middle-of-the-road in all respects: medium wash, medium cut. So while the difference is subtle I do think the bigger proportion here and the more obviously distressed wash up the contrast on every outfit I throw this on with! Safe to say, yes I totally overthought this purchase, but so far it’s been a win! I can’t find the jacket in this wash online but I think it’s this one if you also like the cut.


That’s all for this week! Hope you’re having a good one.

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5 thoughts on “Outfits lately”

  1. you just convinced me that I need to get a pair of mustard pants! I decided to stop buying only black/grey/navy pants and to lean more into lighter colors for bottoms. I struggle finding nude pants, as there are only a few shades that make me look *not* naked but I never considered mustard a great alternative for nude. So thank you for that 😀


  2. Wow I feel like you’ve really upped your outfit game! I see your style evolution and I’m loving it. You’re definitely inspiring me to do the same 😁


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