A review of every Tradlands tee

Tradlands makes a variety of sturdy t-shirts, including the box tee, Monty turtleneck, and Portland boatneck. I like them so much I own one of each of them, so today I thought I would do a review and answer some questions related to style, quality, and fit/sizing!

The Box T-Shirt

The box tee was the first shirt I bought from Tradlands–they frequently go on end-of-season sale, and I was looking for a bright crewneck shirt to add to my closet, with a preference for ethically made clothes. I loved this shirt right away and have only loved it more as time goes on because idk about you but I tend to find that a t-shirt I love has about a year in my closet before I destroy it in some fashion.

The box t-shirt just refuses to give in to my antics. I have washed it and dried it, spilled coffee on it, and definitely sweat on it in the summer, and it simply does not care. It is resistant to pilling and pit stains and therefore it is the best t shirt ever, maybe? Oh, and also it’s thick enough not to show my bra outline and I can wear it to teach. I could go on, but I’ll just say I now own 2.

I bought a small in my first box tee and then later Tradlands gifted me a second one in a medium. I thought I would like sizing up but I actually suggest that if you’re between sizes you size down for a nice slightly cropped length but still plenty of room otherwise (I’m usually a size 6 for context here).

Portland Boatneck

I just got the Portland Boatneck in a size small (gifted). At first I was like, oh this is kind of big, but it has really grown on me as the somehow perfectly slouchy top. It takes a bit of styling (the sleeves are 3/4 length on me so I roll them–I’m 5’11” for context). I like it best half tucked in to add to the chill factor. The last thing to consider is that the neck opening is quite wide so I find that it almost always shows my bra straps. Not a big deal on a weekend, but a no-go in the classroom (unless I wore a strapless bra, which, just no).

The fabric feels the same as a Tradlands classic tee, so it’s soft but not jersey-like (has more body and a bit of stretch).

The Monty Turtleneck

Finally, I now own one Tradland’s ig-famous turtlenecks. I sized up to a medium on this and I am glad I did, it’s definitely more form fitting than the other 2 styles. Most importantly for me, the sleeves are tall girl approved! This is a really nice base layer and I have been loving wearing it all winter long. It tucks into things quite well because of the fit. The turtleneck is a little fussy because it’s a fold-over (versus a mockneck) so sometimes I have to pay a little attention to getting it right in the morning. That’s my only complaint.

If you like any of these styles, you can get 15% off using the code PHDINCLOTHES15. Thanks for reading!

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