What I wore this week

Outfits for professor finals week, aka, what do I wear when it’s way hot outside.

Hello friends I am alive, just hardly posting because it’s finals season! I’ve been grading for what feels like 2 weeks straight, plus my summer class starts Monday so I’m frantically recording lecture videos. But it’s fine I’m fine (*laughs in cold brew*).

Anyway, let’s start with the best outfit of last week, which was just as minimalist/classic as I always want to be but often fall short of achieving. I call these my gnome shoes because that’s the vibe when you’re a size 10 but they’re soooo soft I don’t even care. I’m trying to lean more toward “that looks interesting!” and less toward “that makes every part of you look as small as physically possible!” in style. Is there anything you avoid wearing because it doesn’t fit the “women should look as petite as possible!!!” rules? Let’s throw it out this summer. I felt perfectly cozy in this outfit all day.

Tuesday I was just looking for anything breathable for the first 100 degree day (ew). I thrifted these wide leg Eileen Fisher pants and they are incredibly light and stretchy. I would also like to throw out there that this Madewell tee is not at all sheer so it’s my new preferred white shirt. Finally, I went for fancy Chacos, because my love of Montana style runs deep and I never want to wear sandals without arch support again ❤

Once the headscarf got into my hair, it was the start of camp counselor summer over here, and I just couldn’t stop. I often find that I repeat the same vibes two days in a row, does that happen to anyone else? Staying home all the time has made me much more willing to repeat outfits, vibes, and pants. These Kotn shorts are already getting so much love now that I got them tailored to my preferred length. I put them with my favorite (entirely wrinkle-less!) summer tank top.

I’m pretty sure this wall was attached to a vacant dentists office, btw. Pulling over for tripod photos is my new favorite errands-running activity!

Speaking of the tailor, we’re about to look at 2 dresses I got tailored! This wrap dress is my absolute favorite color to wear (magenta? fuchsia?) and I wore it with sneakers to dress it down a bit. But it’s a true wrap and when I sit down it becomes…a hazard. I asked my tailor if we could add a snap halfway down the skirt but she thought it would pop open, so she suggested sewing up the middle third of the skirt, basically, so that it still moves and it’s just a dress I can step into and tie. It worked!

This dress DID have some deodorant residue on it from last year, which I fixed by scrubbing it with stain remover and a toothbrush before watching. (This stain remover is seriously amazing at pit stains and I’m going to try to be better at using it on white tops all summer to prevent discoloration.) So with a little effort this dress was good as new!

Another dress that took a tailor trip because the buttons gaped on the lower half (eek). The tailor added extra buttons and now we are back in action! I’ve had this dress for at least 5 years, my mom bought it as a birthday dress for me after I saw Caroline of Un-Fancy wearing a very similar one in France (please tell me you are also wildly influenced by your fave instagram accounts?).

Ok, one more thing I need your help with: as you can see I’m wearing sneakers all day every day. Before school starts in the fall I would like a pair that aren’t white, just to add some variety, and maybe to have a pair that are a little more lowkey and a little less “I’m wearing sneakers to work!!!” I think that vibe just comes from the bright white color…do you have any black sneakers that you think are still fashion-y? Or maybe a different fun color?

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4 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. I just reviewed Ponto Footwear today. Their shoes are basically sneakers that look like oxfords, and they come in black, too!


  2. I just ordered these in nude after seeing a review on the Stylee Bee. They haven’t arrived yet so I can’t report back.

    I like the idea of a non-white pair because I live in the PNW so my white sneakers have no chance of staying clean or even clean-ish.


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