What I wore this week

Professor style for hot weather

The summer outfit formula for professor style emerges, and a fun tradition for finals week.

At the end of last week I got my stuff back from the tailor and was sooo excited to see so many great clothes back in action. The first thing I put on was these shorts, which I shortened (see below for the original length). I’m so happy with them now, they’re still long and loose just not quiiiite as Girl Scout uniform. I also had the tailor put a clasp on 2 wrap items for more decency and fix the hem on a couple other things–can’t wait to show you soon!

Second, this outfit contains an item that got away: this striped shirt. I have never met a striped shirt I won’t purchase, and I did buy this one back in November for engagement photos before realizing the stripes would be too much on camera. But then I found it at Goodwill last week for $1 and I said why not!!! Do you ever thrift things you once almost purchased new?

Tuesday I did it: I went to the office. It was as rough as I expected. I got work done, it just felt like such a slog the whole time. I spent about half the day finding dust in my office, locating copy room and desk keys I had misplaced, and learning that after a year alone, all your whiteboard markers will dry out.

But I did feel cute in an oversized blazer, my favorite stretchy jeans, and sneakers. So at least there was that.

This outfit is alll over the place, haha, but whatever. This button up and these shorts are quickly becoming the warm weather favorites. I sense that I will spend the whole summer in tailored shorts and a half-tucked in shirt. Plus fun Tevas, duh.

And this purse! I’ve had a purse by Staud on my list for several years so I decided to save up my Poshmark money for one. They are pricey by my standards but I also use ShopStyle, which lets me set sale alerts when an item I like drops in price. I got a ShopStyle notification Sunday that this purse was on major sale! Like 75% off! So I transferred my Poshmark money out and got to get this purse way sooner than I expected, which was a fun end-of-the-semester treat. The shape definitely reminds me of those tiny bags we carried in the early 2000s that nest right up in your armpit but I love the squishy texture and fun lines so I am in.

Thursday I wore yet another conference-call-confidence outfit to guest lecture in a class. I love a bright top for this because it really focuses you on the screen. I also grabbed these longer shorts (again). Shoes are just cuz I miss my sandal collection.

This outfit is actually from Saturday, where I completed the time honored tradition of stress buying books to read instead of doing finals week grading. I got this book which was on everyone’s it list last year, plus a wedding murder mystery (duh). Does anyone else stress read when you really should be working??

I am also honoring a second tradition for finals week this week, which is called BUY ALL THE SNACKS. My roommates in grad school introduced me to this ritual where we would go to the grocery store and just buy any food we wanted for the week. I distinctly remember a lot of sourpatch kids. It’s really fun, though, and it makes an otherwise difficult week sort of exciting.

Ok but also, these pants. They are SILK and SNAKESKIN PATTERN and from Eileen Fisher and I should love them, right? But I can never think of anything to do with them except put them with a black bodysuit. What else should I try with them? Help?

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4 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. Your commentary is literally the best! Kind of dying to know which book you bought. I love the blazer outfit, and those shorts are MUCH improved by the tailor. I got a few things back from my tailor last week and was so gosh darn excited!! It’s truly those last details that a tailor does that make an item sing! As for the snakeskin pants, try a muscle tank top, or a cutout style tank. They are so cute! Congrats on the Staud bag.


    1. Haha you are too nice about my ramblings. I meant to link the books so I just fixed it! Yes!! I put off going to the tailor for soooo long and every time I do I’m so happy…must remember….


  2. I would pair the snakeskin pants with bright solid tops! Probably something more structured/not billowy but even a white crisp button down could look good with a half-tuck


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