What I wore this week

What I wear when I’m out of ideas, my errand running uniform, and a review of the Encircled Revolve dress.

Hello friends! This week I started things off with a monochrome outfit. I’m actually thinking of making Monochrome Monday a rule in my life because it’s easy, it makes me feel put together, and I definitely don’t need any more work week decisions in my life.

Monday I picked all navy with these amazing stretchy pants and my favorite transition-weather sweater, plus sneakers. I’m reaching for sneakers so often at this point I’m thinking I could use another pair–do you have a pair of sneakers that make you feel put together? I would love to hear recommendations!

This is where you fire me from fashion blogging because Monday was so easy I decided to keep being boring and go with all black on Tuesday. And I felt totally put together again! And then I made it even worse by reaching for the same Brass sweater in black! The silhouette is a little different this time at least with wide leg pants and my favorite work flats. Also: Brass has a new refer-a-friend program, so if you like my pants you can get $25 off your order by using code REBECCA25.

Wednesday I picked my go-to errands running outfit. The jacket makes me feel like I work in Luke’s Diner but the rest of the outfit feels like I overly identify with the latest Madewell catalog (I do, for the record). I haven’t been wearing leggings as much lately (thanks No Leggings January) but I went for it because it was cold and rainy. This striped sweater (similar) is my go-to cheerful sweater for when I just can’t because winter is getting to me (a concept Jess Keys sold me on!).

Thursday I got the treat of working with Encircled, a Canadian ethical brand that makes the Revolve dress. This dress has a reversible neckline so it can look drapey (below) or streamlined (above). It also tucks really nicely (somehow without much bulk, considering it’s a dress?) so it works as a shirt. Here are some other ways I styled it:

As you can see I’m thrilled and it was so comfy for a day of TOO MANY ZOOM MEETINGS.

Friday I led a Zoom workshop, which always makes me unnecessarily nervous, no matter the topic. I wanted to feel cute and slightly more put together than usual which somehow translated to a turtleneck (very very old) and corduroy wide leg pants and my fave ankle boots. No one told me I looked competent (or kept their camera on –cries–) but I felt pretty good anyway 🙂

Hope you had a good week!

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