What I wore this week

A new “investment” piece, a surprising spring color, and a power outfit.

Hello blog friends! This week started out on a cheery note when I got my Tradlands sample sale purchase–the shelter cardigan–on Monday. I immediately ripped open the package and put it on for a day of day-off lounging. Not to be dramatic but this sweater is my new favorite sweater and I wore it 3 evenings in a row. Maybe I’ll do a full review or talk about sample sale stress at some point. For now let’s just admire all the upgraded basics in this outfit: nice joggers and my favorite socks have made all the difference when working from home. Here’s one more look at this fantastic orange (red? red orange? help) color:

Tuesday I played a fun game called “What would 2015 Rebecca wear.” 2015 Rebecca was on the cusp of starting a clothing Tumblr so I consider it a real sweet spot of personal style for me. I was interested, I had a capsule wardrobe and read style blogs, but I wasn’t yet on Instagram yet. I love Instagram and following my friends outfits but I do feel that it pulls my clothing wants in many different directions.

Anyway, 2015 Rebecca had just bought this still-loved Madewell flannel shirt, and a tall size Gap jean jacket (which I will never part with). More recent additions include the stretchiest jeans ever and these boots.

Next up, I woke up to find out I was having a Very Important Meeting TODAY, as in, 4 hours from the time of the email. At least it was over Zoom but I was frazzled as someone who treats my hair washing and heat styling days as set in stone 2 weeks before (I can’t be the only one factoring in meetings and workouts, right? Right?!?!).

I decided to make an outfit I have felt I would like for a while but haven’t attempted: a long button down (thrifted) under my new favorite tunic sweater, plus ponte pants and party flats. I was pleased enough to pose in this ridiculous way to show you that the sweater and shirt layer well together:

And I survived my meeting 🙂

Thursday I relied on StyleBook, my favorite app for getting dressed. I like to sort my “style stats” by least worn items in my closet and then pick something off the list. As it gets warmer here it seemed like a good time to reach for a less-worn sweater, but I put it with some wide leg pants so I wouldn’t be too hot (sorry people not in the Southwest, please ignore this comment).

My wide leg pants are secondhand Eileen Fisher and they are AMAZING. I’m linking them so you can go find your own $25 pair on Poshmark.

Finally for Friday I put on my latest secondhand H&M blazer find (they’re all so good seriously. I love that they’re a little less structured and longer!) with a color I have simply decided is a spring color, association with pumpkins and leaves be damned: orange. I especially think orange with lighter neutrals and light blue looks less Saturday-at-the-apple-orchard and more springy.

That’s all my outfits for the week. Which one would you choose? Is there anything on your spring wishlist? I might be searching for a light blue blazer next to keep this color pairing going!

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