Virtual coffee: Art, dancing, and other adventures in solitude

Welcome back to week 2 of virtual coffee dates, featuring outfits, some lighthearted links, and other things that made me smile this week.

Clothes first:

As I wrote on Instagram, I shopped my own clothing giveaway pile this week. I can’t be the only person who lets the giveaway pile sit and accumulate in the bottom of the closet? This shirt that once felt too short for work is now just soft enough and cute enough to suffice for working from home. I love a good polka dot and now that I’ve learned that I like this shirt tied I don’t think it will go back to the giveaway pile again!

I’ve spoken highly of Lysse before–they make business clothes in athletic fabrics. This shirt is sweatproof and actually cool to the touch, which is totally amazing for summer weather. It feels perfectly crisp and it doesn’t wrinkle. I cannot comment on how many days in a row I have worn ponte pants at this point.

This outfit felt very unusual for me but I was excited by the sunny vibes and also comfy enough to work around the house all day. Top is old Ann Taylor, sweater is old Old Navy (both thrifted) and jeans are my beloved slim boy jean from Madewell. I get many questions about these flats on instagram–they were thrifted, brand new, from Goodwill. They came from Target originally and are honestly not that comfortable. If you have a white pair of flats you love I would be so happy if you shared your secret with us!!

Fun ways to pass the time:

This week Trevor made candied oranges. He loves them as a snack but I will probably pilfer a few for negroni garnishes as well. Here’s the recipe.

Have you seen the challenge by The Getty to recreate famous art at home? The submissions have been really good so we had to get in on the action…

It was worth it, even though my legs fell asleep!

We have also definitely reached the point of stay-at-home where I am rearranging furniture. Here’s my new office setup:

I’ve been getting up from my desk thanks to youtube dance classes! I hosted my first Zumba class on Zoom this week for my family, too and it was such a mood booster–I might have gotten a little misty-eyed seeing so many family members dance together from afar.

I think about this Mari Andrew illustration all the time and especially lately.

Lastly, fellow Instagrammers Gretchen and Brooke have put together a style challenge to wear bright colors this upcoming week. I will be joining them on Instagram. The tag is #happycolorstory, join in if you would like the mood boost!

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