A review of all the Everlane Day Glove flat styles: are they comfy, true to size, and how they compare to Rothy’s

All the questions listed in the title of this blog post were my exact questions when considering the reknit version of Everlane’s popular Day Glove flat. I saw them on the website several times and didn’t give much thought to them until I got wedding shoes on the brain and there was a blush version. I have since tried several styles in the day glove line looking for just the right flats: the original leather day glove, the reknit day glove, the mesh day glove, and the day ballet flat. So here are all my thoughts on the Day Glove: how they fit, if they’re true to size, if they’re comfortable, how they compare to Rothy’s, how they compare to the leather day glove and mesh version, and, yes, if I kept them for my wedding. Phew!

I’m starting with the reknit day glove because they were my first pair. The first thing that really shocked me is how soft these flats are. I know that people love their Rothy’s but I own a pair of the points and my pair actually really rubs my toes and tends to leave blisters. The Everlane flats (my color is the blush) are heaven when you put them on. They have a leather sole and lining around the heel (it looks like suede but I’m no expert) and they feel actually amazing. I would also say the fabric is softer than my Rothy’s so they feel good on my toes, too.

The look: The second point of hesitation for me was “how knit are these going to look?” The answer is pretty obviously knit. The ridges in the pattern are visible when wearing them so they don’t pass for a leather flat, at least not in the blush version. I think the black would perhaps be more convincing if this is a concern of yours. They also do have some funky outlines where you can see my toes in the shoe. This does not happen in my Rothy’s but it doesn’t bother me very much.

Here’s a picture from farther away so you can see the shape when you’re wearing them. I’m also wearing them with the new microrib tee and I’m really into it–more on that another day, maybe, and these jeans.

Sizing: In terms of sizing, one concern of mine was that I have heard these are good for wide feet, and I have very narrow feet. For that reason, I sized down from my usual 10.5 to a 10. They are allllmost perfectly, but are slightly too short. This is a real bummer for me because the heel feels great and secure. I imagine the reason they get labeled good for wide feet is that they are knit and could stretch out a bit.

I am pretty torn on if I should return them or exchange them for a 10.5. Based on this experience I would say they run true to size–and definitely “truer” to size than other Everlane shoes, which in my opinion tend to run small (including the leather day glove). Which brings me to…

Compared to the leather day glove: I have only tried the Everlane leather day glove on in stores but I tried the 11 and found them to be pretty pinchy. Every review I see for the leather version says the break in period is tough–not something I would say about the knit version after wearing them around the house.

Compared to the mesh day glove: I just got this new version in a 10.5 after never replacing my original knit dayglove. My first thought was “is this going to look like a water shoe?” The answer is “kind of” but “not as much as they do online.” Unfortunately, I do not find the fabric to be as soft on my toes. I am trying to wear them during work from home to see if they soften up at all. So with the original knit dayglove on sale I think the choice is easy.

Compared to the day ballet flat: Ok, another review update, Everlane just put out The Day Ballet which is a more classic flat style. They come up shorter over your toes and have the classic bow. The toe is a bit boxier, too. My first thought when I tried the white pair on was “soooo soft” followed quickly by “do these make me look like an old lady?” Trevor deliberated for a few moments and then decided no, they do not.

Here are a couple pictures of them on. This is my new favorite pair. I do not find them as pinchy as the original day glove (this is the 10.5–the original day glove also runs small in my opinion, I tried them in an 11 and they were still too tight). There’s no elastic on the back which can also bother me. I will say they are not ideal for the summer heat even though they have the same vent as the original day glove–for that I’ll stick with my mesh pair–and after working from home in them for half a day I was like “Wow, I did not know my feet sweat in shoes.” So, you’ve been warned, but I can’t wait to break them out at the office when it cools off.

ReKnit compared to Rothy’s: the price is lower, and they don’t rub my toes. On the other hand, Rothy’s obviously has them beat with their fantastic prints, so if you’re looking for more of a statement they’re your best bet. Oh, and I doubt you can throw your Everlane pair in the wash due to the leather sole, so that’s a bummer. I wear an 11 in the Rothy’s point and a 10.5 in the mesh dayglove is the right size for me.

It’s funny how I started this review with two pairs of shoes, because by the end I thought I should at the very least exchange the day glove for a 10.5, and after writing my feelings about them, I sold my Rothy’s. I think I’ll exchange the Everlane pair for my true size, and if I find I’m too in-between sizes, those will go back, too. But overall if you’ve been wondering about comfort, I would recommend them.

This item was gifted. All opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

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