A Professor and Grad Student Back to School Wishlist

The 2 week countdown is on over here for going back to college. I still get the new school year jitters and starting over at a new university has me feeling them big time this year! So, to distract myself, here is my back to school list for professors and grad students:

A new backpack:

I was using a tote bag for a while but my shoulders just can’t take it. Plus, I’m currently helping a friend look for a new backpack that is professor appropriate. Here are the links we’ve shared so far (1/2/3/4). They all fit a 13″ laptop. Option 3 is waterproof!

Office plants and art:

Now that I have an office (!!!) I am thinking online ordering some plants and art directly to it. Picking office art is trickier than I thought. Which would you pick? (1/2/3). I’ve wanted some Arielle Vey prints for a long time so I think this is my opportunity.

Pens and planners:

I mean, duh. I’m restocking my favorite Muji pens for the year. I’m also considering a RocketBook (it syncs to your computer and turns your writing into searchable text!). In terms of planners, I use my phone to make sure I always know where to be, but I did just get a wall calendar so I can see the big picture at home all the time.

Lunch accessories:

I vacillate between pretty-good-at-packing-lunch and oh-my-god-end-of-the-semester-all-bets-are-off. But these bento boxes are inspiring me to just keep some easy, already prepped snacks on hand for those crazier times.

Lastly, a new edition to the list: I have been loving this cube timer. I set timers for myself to grade and to write–it keeps me off my phone for 30 minutes and lets me know when to make a break.

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