What I wore, what I read: April

A semi-regular post of outfits plus long form journalism

April has been such a fast-paced month so far that I haven’t had time to take many outfit photos–in some ways, this is a good sign. I’ve been doing a lot, including submitting my dissertation to committee, being too stressed to calm down from that, trying to celebrate with friends, trying to catch up with friends I haven’t talked to in months because I’ve been in a dissertation cave, etc. So outfits have been pretty simple, like the one above. I have been trying to wear my dress pants more just to get used to dressing sort of business casual when I teach….

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t reverted to the old black jeans and sneakers combo when I’m too tired and just trying to teach my students about neoliberalism 🙂 (argh, why do I always put the big topics late on the syllabus…remind me next time that everything abstract should happen in February).

In terms of post-dissertation relaxing, I highly recommend marking the occasion and celebrating as much as needed to remember that you’re finally done. The best thing we did this month was take a trip to Aspen with friends to enjoy those graduation vibes! A few vacation snaps…

We cooked a lot, had plenty of introvert time to read (these are my people) and went on some walks in the remaining snow. I had time to finish the last Tana French book in her detective series, which is my favorite light reading.

Anyway, onto the links! Here are the most interesting articles I’ve read this month, what I’ve been browsing, etc…

  • The unregulated nature of dentistry: Wow. I bet some dentists are mad about this one. Such an interesting example of a profession’s disagreement over practices.
  • What Shrill taught me about birth control: The ongoing problem with birth control dosages.
  • Athletic fit jeans, if yours always wear out in the thighs!: My friend has these and vouches for them being awesome.
  • The leggings controversy continues: I don’t care if their pants or not. But some people still do.
  • I’ve been prepping these egg cups for breakfast the last two weeks and they have been an easy way to not buy Starbucks and also eat a vegetable.
  • Ask these 4 questions of your to-do list: “How do I make tomorrow easier?” As someone who finally replaced my car battery this week (instead of continuing to wonder when I would have to jump my car again!)…I felt this.

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