What I wore, what I read: March 25-29

It is–cautiously–spring in Colorado. Well, except for Saturday, when we got (more!) snow. Spring makes me an anxious dresser–it feels like I only have a few weeks to try every possible outfit combo before it’s just hot out. Here’s what I’ve been wearing to celebrate the return of sun.

I’ve also been accumulating linen because it’s the best fabric ever for summer teaching. These Abercrombie and Fitch pants are so flattering. Can adults shop at A&F these days? Don’t worry, they’ve changed their image (and sizing) just to get to us millenials!

Over spring break, we made our Farewell to Colorado bucket list. It was so fun to start checking items off the list. Random restaurants! The Stanley Hotel tour! A simple phone note is going to give us weekend ideas for months to come. Also this wide leg Old Navy jumpsuit is everything.

The first 70 degree day called for toasty colors and a midi skirt. And a hat, and lots of sunblock….

And here’s what I’ve been reading and thinking about this week:

I’ve been very into scandalous leaders lately. First I read Bad Blood, then I had to follow it up with this article about Elizabeth Holmes at Theranos. Then I enjoyed this podcast about Paul, who was running (possibly) every illegal scam, starting online. Here’s an article version if you prefer reading.

Move over, engagement flashmobs: “Placeholder” engagement rings are the newest trend.

Women should put on the damn blazer, according to one of my fave bloggers. Commenters actually totally persuaded me to wear more suit jackets to avoid chilly office AC problems.

More, younger adults are getting misdiagnosed before discovering colon cancer.

I just saw a gorgeous home tour where the owner said she learned all her tricks from this pretty home book, so it’s on my list for when we move!

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