Spring clothing wishlist and mood board

The shopping monster in me is never stronger than it is in late February. I’ve been trying not to shop (yet), in order to make smarter spring and summer wardrobe decisions. So instead, I’ve been pinning away. Here are a few items I am eyeing for warmer weather…

Based on the color sources of inspo I’ve been pinning, I have definitely been craving lighter neutrals. This is something that is definitely lacking in my closet–I have the basics, but most of them are black or gray. I’m trying not to purchase more dark neutrals and instead am looking for white and tan options.

I’ve definitely been looking for a few lighter pieces that I can mix in with my dark winter basics (dark jeans, my black wide-leg pants). I think a lighter pair of shoes could be a game changer. I usually don’t buy “statement” shoes but I did get a pair of taupe loafers for Christmas and I can’t wait to break them out. Others I’ve been considering: dusty rose flats/suede heels.

I cannot. stop. pinning. wide leg pants. I met a new anthropology professor this year who was always wearing baggy khaki pants with button ups. It was such a throwback professor ~~aesthetic~~ and I was super into it. So, now that I have a professor job, it appears that I cannot help but want to channel my inner Indiana Jones. Also, wide leg linen pants are such an amazing solution for summer teaching, which is one area where my wardrobe is nonexistent. Some pairs I’ve been looking at: budget pick/striped/white.

There you have it! I’ve been saving my Poshmark funds up so I will likely buy almost all of my new clothes there, which is such a magical feeling because it doesn’t come out of your bank account. I’m trying to enjoy the end of winter (ughhh) and purchase slowly.

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