Wearing florals for winter

I’m flexing my styling muscles this week to try a new combo that I’ve seen on Pinterest repeatedly this season: layering floral dresses to make them stretch into winter.

It’s clear that dark floral patterns are in right now, and that makes the 90s kid in me extremely happy.

Loft (comes in plus and tall sizes)/J. Crew Factory/Loft (comes in plus sizes)

See how I’ve been styling my current dark floral dress below.

I finally found a dark floral dress I love, from J. Crew Factory this summer. After studying up on how people were pulling this off, here’s what I came up with:

I’ve never felt so fashion-y in an outfit. I looooved it. Here’s the same dress, btw, keeping me cool in Austin last weekend when it was 85:

I’ve tried and failed when attempting to pull this outfit off multiple times. Here’s what it seems to take if you want to try it out:

-A dark, dark floral pattern (I’ve seen so many bloggers say to layer ‘any’ floral dress and let me tell you, brighter patterns just make shoe and jacket choices too difficult). By the way, here’s a cute navy Madewell option in black is not your preferred neutral. 

-Match any tights to the background of the dress (black with black, navy with navy, etc). With tights, try an ankle boot (see the Loft styling above) or flats with a strap (for fancy holiday gatherings!). By the way, if you’re in the market for a fancy flat, I’m waiting for these to restock

-Play with outerwear and boot combos (peacoats, denim jackets, fuzzy shearling jackets, leather jackets…I could go on. It all works.).

Don’t have a leather jacket? Here are 2 other ways my Cladwell app suggested styling this:

I was going to go searching for holiday party outfits (which, let’s be real, I never need, my family and friends are so casual) but now I think this floral dress might be the holiday party pick for me–especially because I’ll be in Phoenix). 

PS– we’re having a fun convo about ride-or-die skincare products in my instagram stories right now, if you have anything to add!

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