What I wore, what I read: Sept 17-21

Happy Fall! This week I tried to channel some Fall colors despite the 90 degree temps in Colorado.


I’ve started a new story of my thrifting adventures on Instagram, and I got this skirt for $5 last weekend!

I thought it would be fun to do a link round-up this week too, some academic some non:

-What does inclusive education look like? This article has really helped me articulate my thoughts as I write job app diversity statements.

-Brett Kavanaugh, and when faculty fail to protect students. Just, ugh.

-I just bought the cinnamon broom sold at Trader Joe’s, and my house smells like damn magic now (Amazon link only for visual reference–they’re only $5 in the store).

-I am now letting my face air dry because Korean skincare says so.

-Trying not to blow your grad school budget over the weekend? Bring cash. I might try this.

This week: job apps start being due, and I continue to spin in circles trying to revise dissertation research questions. Ugh.

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