In search of: Graduation dresses that can pull double duty

I’m approaching the 1-year-left-til-I-graduate mark, but that hasn’t stopped me from admiring all the cute potential graduation-worthy dresses available at the moment. I’m of two minds about formal wear: on one hand, I’m team treat yoself, on the other, I think it’s nice if formal wear can work for more than one occasion. So I thought I would round some grad dresses up for if you’re in the market for a classy dress for several pending occasions:

1) Dress-up-dress-down sundress:


This dress from Lucky would be classy with wedges for graduation but also a good all summer dress with sandals.

2) If you’re invited to ALL the weddings:


I think a lace dress in a neutral color can go to a lot of weddings in a lot of different seasons. Add some lighter accessories and it also works to graduate!

3) If you also want to invest in professional wear:


A cool sheath dress is re-wearable for future conferences/work days. I like that this one is a little more interesting with the tiers.

4) I don’t care, I’m graduating and I want to look absurdly amazing and wear all the colors:

ME TOO. Make someone take you to Anthropologie:


Also, can we make graduation jumpsuits a thing:




I can quit online browsing anytime I want, I swear:


Also, ASOS is full of cool budget-friendly options (this is $24):


Happy graduation season! If this is the end of your grad school journey, enjoy!

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