20 in 2020 update: A purchase better than clothing

What makes something a good purchase, for you? I recently received my summer teaching paycheck and the anticipation of it hitting my bank account was such an exciting time. I abandoned approximately 1000 online shopping carts full of investment buys–nice bags, cashmere sweaters, and fine leather goods (TREAT YOSELF). But then the money came in and I was faced with extreme decision fatigue…

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20 in 2020 update: Month two of my low buy year

We are now two months in to the 20in2020 challenge, a delightful instagram community of people trying to limit their clothing purchases to under 20 items this year. This month…I bought more things. I dealt with some guilt. This post is me letting the guilt go because there’s NO LOOKING BACK. Here’s what I bought, what I learned, and what’s on my March wishlist. Plus my thoughts about the extremely philosophical question: Do I shop end of season sales?

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Month 1 Reflections on #20in2020

In case you missed it, I’m limiting myself to 20 clothing purchases for the year. And now I’ve survived the first month of the challenge! I took in one item this month, but I was tempted…a lot. Here was my pick, what I expect for the next month, and other thoughts on replacing shopping with other activities!

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