What I wore: Greece

Leg one of our summer travel adventure has wrapped up and I’m sitting in an airport, so assessing my summer conference and tourism packing list feels like a good way to pass the time. Here are the outfits I wore in Athens and on the Greek islands, plus my best packing extras and a few Athens tips!

Ok here’s my packing list again for good measure. The only last minute change was I omitted one button down shirt:

On the plane, I wore my Leze sweatpants and old Leze top. They were both so pleasant for walking and sleeping (even if a plane seat is not!).

We started our trip in Athens for 2 days and it was hot. The forecast said 80, my heart said 95. I’m just not cut out for humidity. We took plenty of water and shady cafe breaks and that helped!

I will mostly refrain from travel tips but I studied abroad in Athens in college and really loved being back so I will give you one: the Acropolis gets crowded as heck. You can pre-buy tickets online to skip one line. Then, enter at the gate across from the Acropolis museum (also definitely got to this museum!). That gate is less crowded and has a better line. We also went up around 6 PM because the sun sets late in the summer. It was pretty peaceful despite the daytime crowds.

Tradlands top/Black shorts (similar)

I was very thankful for this floaty midi length (similar) sundress for the hottest day walking around! Pretty much everyone was wearing some sort of prairie-chic sundress to play tourist all day and I welcomed the trend with open arms for our walk around the Agora. I also loved wearing these straight leg pants and a very light linen sweater when the sun went down:

Otherwise, we spent most of our time in Athens eating and being extremely jetlagged. We did go on one souvenir run to get handmade sandals—they fit them to your feet on the spot, which is such a special souvenir if you have narrow feet, wide feet, or picky feet! I’ve already been enjoying mine!

Next we ventured to two Greek islands: Milos and Paros. Both are near the more-visited Mykonos. Milos is much quieter but still sees tourists. We went there to sea kayak, and I have to give a shoutout to sea kayak guide Rod, who led a trip I went on 10 years ago that was so fantastic I had to return. And it was still a great day trip! Put it on your list if you’re a kayaker!

Next, we took a short ferry to Paros. Paros is a bit more built up with shopping and restaurants and some well-known beaches. It was soooo cute, just like what you expect from a Greek island, but with slightly lighter crowds.

My most worn outfit up to this point was my black shorts with this wrinkle-free tank top. I liked the faux romper look. I was also happy I packed this small scarf that we all bought from Madewell in 2018 because it took up almost no luggage space but made me feel slightly cuter!

Then, just as I was complaining to Trevor about carrying my rain jacket from city to city, it got very windy in Paros. It was actually a welcome break from the heat and made walking around towns nice, but chilly! I wore my long sleeve top with wide leg pants and was quite comfy.

At this point I was also thinking about how well disciplined I was being about clothes shopping, but, you know, the weather turned, and I was driven into the shops! Completely against my will! Which is how we found the cutest shop of Greek-designed clothing ever. I was in heaven. Look at all these cute Greek prints! I picked the best pants ever and this bougainvillea print:

Fortunately, the sun came back out and we got plenty of beach and pool time!

My Wild Isles bikinis held up well to both relaxing and the demands of a day of sea kayaking (you can get a $10 discount on Wild Isles using my link).

The extras

A few things I packed that have been working really well: these insoles (they’re cheap but make a huge difference in my sneakers) and these tanning sheets, which are easy to travel with and make me feel cuter on the beach!

That’s a wrap on Greece–I have a couple more travel posts for you, but I know some Instagram friends said they also have Greece trips planned this summer! Let me know what questions I can answer below!

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9 thoughts on “What I wore: Greece”

    1. I love this post. Your outfits are fabulous. Scarves are always a great addition to my suitcase as I pack and often, my souvenir (Paris had so many)!


  1. Thank you for this! Headed to Paris/NYC for 2 weeks this month, so I will use your packing list as a guide. 🙂


  2. I’m itching to go to Greece so bad – it’s so beautiful!

    You’re absolutely right – those are the most perfect pants ever. I feel ya on the shopping-while-traveling. When it’s too hot, there’s nothing I want to do less than try on clothes. But when it gets cold or rainy, you just have to!


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