Beach packing for the non-beachy

I accidentally have a lot of beach time planned this spring. I say accidentally because, well, I like the beach, but I don’t consider my style very “beachy.” Yet, without fail, every time I’m headed somewhere warm I feel a need to impulse buy a bunch of whimsical items to fit in. No more reinventing our wardrobes for lives we don’t live! Here’s my beach packing list.

I’m not a beach lover who plots to spend time there. I’m just a beach liker. It might have something to do with the amount of SPF I require. That being said, you don’t have to do a massive shopping spree before the beach to fit in. The best advice I’ve heard recently is that you think you need beach style but what you’re really craving is to feel relaxed. So, picked your relaxed silhouettes and items out of your closet and that should suffice to feel the calming vibes.

Here’s what’s in my beach packing capsule this spring:

-3 swimsuits. More on swimsuits I like in a second.

-2 pairs of shorts: one relaxed/pull on style and one tailored

-2 dresses: one sundress and one night out dress

-3 tops: 2 casual and 1 dressier (this top in particular fulfilled my need to feel beachy while still looking like myself)

Sandals and sneakers

-A hat and a rash guard cuz SUN PROTECTION

This list worked pretty well for my first beach trip of the season, but I did realize I didn’t have a beach tote. So I allowed myself to buy a cute one on the beach! Yay souvenirs!

The cute tote in question! I was also glad I brought a relaxed-yet-dressy dress (can I brag for one tiny second? This is my second sewing project!!! I made it from a vintage pattern!).

These lace up sandals were on my list all of last year and I finally bought them on sale. Lace up sandals are cute (and also great if you’re tall and all pants are cropped pants) but it took me a while to find a pair that felt secure on my feet.

Ok, as promised, swimsuits. Swimsuits have taken me my whole adult life to figure out because I don’t really like swim styles that I somehow feel an obligation to try in every dressing room even though no one is making me (triangle tops, string bikini bottoms). In the past two years I’ve established my own swim rules which are: 1) one pieces are awesome and they’re sexy if you decide they are (but also they don’t have to be because WHAT IS THIS OBLIGATION TO BE SEXY IN FRONT OF LARGE BODIES OF WATER I will be swimming like a mermaid and destroying my hair and fake tan immediately, thanks very much), and 2) I deserve swimwear that fits my long torso and my bust and if that means shelling out a bit more money and no longer stopping in the Target swimwear department that’s just how it has to be.

With these fit needs in mind, for long torso people like me I’ve had luck with J. Crew and Aerie. For the DD+ club I am once again here to tell you I’m so so happy with my Wild Isles bikini which makes me feel cute and secure.

I didn’t get a pic of this suit because I was swimming like an aforementioned mermaid so here’s one from last summer. If you want to try Wild Isles I have a $15 off link here.

Anyway. I’ll take this capsule for a spin on our next trip to California and update if anything changes! Hope you have fun if you’re on any spring break adventures!

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

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