What I wore this week

Behold! Some outfits! Plus, what I wear to artsy events.

Hi friends. I was camping last weekend so I got a late start to the week, but I made up for it, promise!

One work day I wore this light-as-air shirtdress, which I always waffle back and forth on, because, as I’ve complained frequently, I just don’t get what to do with navy. I recently read that navy works best with earthy colors if you are trying to steer clear of looking preppy, so, store that knowledge if you are as confused as me.

Anyway I really liked this outfit, the belt snazzed it up. Do you always match your belt and shoes? I know that’s a “rule” but I would like to break out of it…but I am at a loss about what else to do usually so black flats it was!



I also got these lovely new pants (get $25 off with code REBECCA25 if you wanna twin) and they are soooo nice for summer. I like the feeling of coverage in the summer when I need a sun break and these totally fit the bill.





Thursday I did some coffee shop work and I loooved how this outfit came together. I haven’t owned a gray tee in a couple years but just found this one on Poshmark (it’s from Vince so I’m sure it was $$ but I got it for $). I haven’t worn gray in a while because most of my statement items are warm colors, so I thought I should avoid gray and stick to tans and taupes. However, I’m now realizing the contrast of picking a less obvious neutral color can be kind of interesting! So, gray is back in my closet at least in this tee.

One thing I would change about this outfit if I could (and yes I do take notes on these things so that I can overthink all my shopping decisions later) is that I would like a more delicate black sandal (maybe a lace up pair? but not full gladiator?). If you have recommendations let me know!




Friday I just wanted to feel chill for a day of web meetings. And I got what I wanted! Except for the meetings.

Tee (gifted)

Pants (secondhand)


Last outfit of the week! I made you all work as my personal stylists again over on Instagram stories, and once again, considering I paid you 0 dollars, you really delivered! There’s definitely joy in taking a break from making decisions and letting someone with a fresh set of eyes pick from your closet–highly recommend (sometimes I make Trevor pick an item and then I build an outfit around that but he’s indecisive/doesn’t always want to play, haha).

Anyway! I picked up this bodysuit at a cute Denver boutique that I’ve completely forgotten the name of. It’s a bit revealing (for me) but I ended up liking it for a warm summer evening balanced out with wide leg pants.

This purse is my wedding purse–does anyone else realize they own no small purses whenever they’re trying to get dressed to attend a wedding? I bought this specifically to resolve that problem (along with tan heels, now every wedding guest dress I pick has to match both of those things as a rule!).

I felt put together and like this outfit had a good vibe for a casual gallery opening. As always, my outfit didn’t even crack the top 5 most interesting at the show but it’s all good 🙂

Hope you have a good week!

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