What I wore this week

Searching for contrast in outfits, dressing for July temperatures…

Hello and welcome to weekly outfits! Here is what I wore!

This outfit was, again, the product of watching too many style class videos. The series is making me feel renewed love for olive (this post also didn’t help!) as an easy color that mixes with bright and pastel colors and toughens up any feminine items. I also wore silver earrings because I thought they added a grungier vibe and I would usually pick gold.




I actually originally styled this look this way:

I sort of liked it? But I think the olive was a good choice because black and yellow always makes me feel like a bumblebee. This experience made me realize how rarely I try out several outfits. If an outfit is just so-so, I tend to just shrug and move along, not quite feeling my best. Will I change my ways? I might try to play around with more options for a few more mornings and see!

Tuesday I restyled my favorite Eileen Fisher silk pants. Some outfits are entirely based on solving problems and the problem I am almost always solving is all my tan bras are in the wash, leaving me with only black. Should I just buy more bras? I have such an excellent black top collection I can’t really complain.

Earrings (my favorite fun pop this week!)


Yayyyy hi everyone meet my new fun shoes!!! I sent them out on snapchat to ask if they were ‘murder chic’ or ‘weirdly tortoise-like,’ and people said all of the above. Then it devolved into a debate over if these shoes are more Clefairy or Blastoise. IYKYK. Please advise.


Skirt is v old

Pokemon shoes

I also put on a hat (mine is old but here are some good ones) with this outfit because it was 117 out and I needed to walk to get coffee on campus 🙂

Ooohh welcome to Thursday my favorite outfit of the week. This outfit was so simple yet exactly what I want to look like (if you want more black pants for summer inspo I really enjoyed these looks)! The big sleeve of the top makes it slightly more interesting, the silk pants are soooo breathable, and the shoes are just a little off in a fun way. And yet, I don’t think anyone would see this outfit at my workplace and think “whoa, that is not an ok outfit.” In conclusion, how do I dress like this every day?

If you saw my reel today then you know that Friday is the best outfit 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend!

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2 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. OOH! Your outfits look great (as usual)… I love the yellow + olive. A lot. Re-making it with the stuff I have in my closet, thanks very much 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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