What I wore this week

Outfits for burnout.

Hello and welcome to weekly outfits! This week is really a week and a half because I’m tired and behind on blogging because of summer school.

Can I just say, having a 3-week class session immediately after spring semester sounds like such a good idea in January. And then it’s May and you’re entering final grades and recording new lectures all on one Monday and it’s not quite so fun. ANYWAY.

A tee dress has become my go-to for exhaustion, especially if it’s a midi dress, because it’s so simple with loafers. But with different shoes, the vibe changes completely. I can’t wait to wear this with wedges all summer, too!

I’ve been reaching for this lightweight linen-blend sweater again, probably because Brass just released pretty new colors and I’m trying to hold back (but if you’re not, you can get $25 off with the code REBECCA25).

It was fun to make these shorts feel polished for a day with fun leopard flats. Not gonna lie, at this point I was already feeling frazzled about teaching and was losing interest fast in getting dressed. I definitely had a couple days after this where I wore athleisure and just tried to survive the week.

In need of breaks, I wore this outfit for a day of grading, broken up with going to IKEA and a warehouse sale for a photography business. It was definitely a weird adventure day but so fun to look through photography props and dresses for various photoshoots! I got a new backdrop I’m excited to set up soon for outfit pictures.

This striped tee is my new fave, plus fancy joggers and sneakers. I think I could wear this outfit to work in the fall with a tan blazer?

The next night I went to an ~~art opening~~ with Trevor. I had more ambitious plans for wearing a more adventurous outfit but I chickened out. Still, wide leg pants and a bright tee felt a little fun! I actually asked Trevor if I looked too extra to meet his cool art friends. Nonetheless, I got to the gallery and realized that I DEFINITELY could have worn whatever I wanted and it would not have been the coolest/wildest outfit there. Lesson learned!

This week, I’m interviewing every student in my job interviewing class. It’s fun to see all their faces, fulfilling to hear their reflections on interviews and their career goals, and exhausting to talk to over 2 people in a day. SO. Comfort it is! I went full Princess Diana (you’ll see why in a sec) and put bike shorts with my secondhand button up and slip on sneakers for this day.

Another day of interviewing in this emerald button up and long shorts! Now that most of the summer class is behind me, I’m trying to take some time for podcast walks (new obsession) and reading (currently! ugh and it’s so good I’m trying to pace myself). I’m excited to start real summer here and get some time to truly rest and work on some fun projects. I hope you’re having a good week!

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