What do you wear to happy hour?

It’s patio season and COVID cases are thankfully, declining. Has anyone else forgotten how to get dressed? Here are 3 outfits I’ve worn to happy hour lately…

Ripped denim and a tailored shirt:

This outfit was inspired by French summer style–I never wear my espadrilles with anything but dresses but Pinterest persuaded me to try it. This is the perfect “work to drinks” outfit, I think, except that that isn’t a scenario I have ever actually been in (women’s magazines are, once again, a lie)…or not a scenario where I have ever had to be dressed up.

Button up (secondhand, this years version)

Jeans (secondhand, this years version)

Shoes (Similar)


A puff sleeve top and sneakers:

This top is the most whimsical thing in my closet (yeah I’m boring ok). I have a hard time buying anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching in, but then I’m bummed out when it IS time to go have fun and none of my clothes reflect that. I thrifted this shirt during the peak of pandemic times because I couldn’t get it out of my head even though it’s a bit of a different style for me. My picnic basket that is allegedly a purse is from Buffalo Exchange!

Top (Secondhand, similar)



A faux jumpsuit:

I love a black jumpsuit (I own 2, woops) but a faux jumpsuit is still easier! I have been loving this square neck tank top for something that shows a bit more skin (I usually am on team crewneck). I added some minimalist sandals and called it good!


Pants (This years version. Get $25 off your first order with code REBECCA25)



What have you been wearing out into the world lately? Do you have a go-to happy hour or night out formula?

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2 thoughts on “What do you wear to happy hour?”

  1. I love the idea of a faux jumpsuit! I am obsessed with my black jumpsuit but it’s so weird to get completely naked in a public bathroom… Definitely going to try the faux version!


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