What I wore this week

This week in outfits: it’s all downhill from Monday. My favorite brands to thrift and how I find them. Am I becoming a hat person?

Hello everyone you can’t say I didn’t warn you but I only got Dressed once this week. The rest of the time I was in survival mode. But ANYWAY!

This outfit!!! It was inspired by Pinterest and it worked like a dream! We have entered a warm snap so I wanted to wear this sweater one more time before it’s too toasty out. This sweater is the embodiment of my thrifting strategies:

1) Read the labels (I know, no one wants to be a label snob, but the fact is that finding fancy brands can be a shortcut to quality–not always–but it’s better than assessing every donated thing from Forever 21). I flip through hangers in the thrift store looking for a few work brand favorites, including Vince, Theory, and Equipment.

2) Feel for fabric. Feel for what fabrics feel nice as you’re browsing the thrift store! This is a cashmere Theory sweater and it is ACTUALLY SO NICE IT CALMS ME DOWN WHEN I PUT IT ON. Get a sweater like a hug for stressful work days.

Otherwise, I’m entering a white pants phase, which hasn’t happened in…years. We need spring now more than ever, I think, and I’m fully embracing it!

Ok I lied I liked my Tuesday outfit too. It felt a lil Kim Possible with the joggers and combat boots and I really enjoyed it. I put some lighter sweaters in the top drawers for this transitional weather and the first one back in the rotation was this linen-cotton blend (which is going to be restocked soon). This is another item that just feels really great when I put it on, and my mood benefits from that!

See: Above sweater, now in black. Here I am embracing my true essence, Sports Errands Mom. No, I am not a mom, but I like the practical nature of “mom style.” Maybe we just need another more encompassing term for it? Whatever this look is, it’s 1) hands free, 2) sun protection, and 3) comfy for walking.

I’m also into baseball caps this year. I’m tired of having a part sunburn, but I don’t think hats are great on me because I have a ton of hair and it sticks out of the hat. My solution to this has been buying men’s hats, or looking for hats that can be adjusted to be very loose (the plastic button type adjustments in the back never work for me, this one has more of a buckle thing that can slide to adjust?). Anyway, it turns out all you need to be a hat person is to just wear the hat. I highly recommend doing it when it’s sunny out so you have no choice. Save your part!!!

Thursday I wore the uniform of people grading papers everywhere: tunic sweater, stretchy jeans, soft shoes (only to run errands of course). I have no thoughts about Thursday because, well, grading.

This is definitely a Friday face AND a Friday outfit because I love an oversized button down with my stretchy jeans! I would rather knot my button up than tuck it in–less bulky. Then I switched shoes and jeans to go get pizza:

It was nice to dress for spring and feel cute for a few hours! I hope you had a good week!

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