4 Work from Home Outfits because I am Over It.

Hello I am so bored of work from home outfits, possibly because now it is my favorite season and I have nowhere to go to wear my favorite fall clothes! So this week I decided to dress as extra as I felt like being, regardless of the practical side of me that says we aren’t going anywhere and I should probably just put on some activewear. Here are 4 outfits because I am bored, bored, bored.

OK I bought these Athleta joggers on clearance last year and this was my first day wearing them and it is LOVE. They’re a nice kind-of-color-kind-of-neutral. (They are no longer available, here’s a similar pair).

This outfit made me appreciate how far my wardrobe has come in terms of fabric. No one ever taught me about fabric before like…2019 so I basically never thought about it. I am now trying to be pickier about fabrics as I shop, which includes 1) ditching polyester, 2) being honest that I actually don’t like linen or silk all that much, and 3) noting the fabric content of things I really like (See: raw silk, tencel, some ‘performance’ fabrics that are not as trendy in ‘ethical fashion’ talk but do not wrinkle and keep me cool). There is nothing like sitting at a desk all day to separate the bad pants from the good ones!

RELATED, soft blazers are my bff right now. Actually, this whole outfit is super soft– these flats are the only pair I wear and I still love my “work leggings.” The blazer is old from H&M and I have great luck finding them secondhand (I recently bought a second color because this is really the only type of blazer I want to wear at this point). I keep one draped over the back of my chair to throw on for Zoom meetings.

This outfit made me feel like a chic painter. The shape of these pants feels really different for me but they are otherwise the same as my most beloved pair of work pants. This was probably the first day I have sat in real clothes at my at home desk. I really liked feeling more put together but honestly was back in elastic waist pants the next day 🙂

Oh, and these boots are EXACTLY what I was looking for for fall and I’m so excited to wear them everywhere. Warning: they run small, I am wearing an 11 and usually wear a 10.

Ok you know the outfits of Pinterest that “count” as work appropriate on Pinterest but not in your office? I think that’s the perfect outfit for when you MUST go into your ghost town of an office purely to make copies. Which is exactly what I did in this. This faux leather skirt must count as work appropriate for shorter people because it is sold by Loft…but on me it is just too short. I enjoyed making it sporty though, plus I went to (outside) happy hour after making said copies. The whole look was a real mood booster.

This skirt has also been in a storage box for months and this outfit reminded me to keep it for when I one day in the future maybe need “going out” clothes again, because there are so few that I like.

Ok, back to activewear I suppose 🙂 This week has been busy work-wise and I’m trying to be as nice to myself as possible so if I’m MIA on Instagram that’s why. I MISS YOU INTERNET 🙂

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One thought on “4 Work from Home Outfits because I am Over It.”

  1. I really liked your work from home outfit ideas. Its been a while now where everyone is sitting back hoome and carrying out their daily chores. These outfits will surely have something different and beautiful to enjoy work from home period.

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