Bike shorts outfit ideas: 2 ways to wear them outside the gym

Bike shorts have made a big comeback this year (and last year, I was just very hesitant last year). They make even more sense in the era of Zoom outfits as a comfy, stretchy way to stay cool while working from home. But how to bust them out beyond workout outfits? Here are two ways I’ve used mine and what tops I wore with them in both casual and work from home outfits this summer!


Athleta bike shorts and bike shorts in business casual outfits

With a crisp blazer this outfit is totally zoom appropriate. I love the saturated color of the blazer because cooler tans tend to wash me out. Caramel gives me total fall vibes even though it’s still 90 out (I throw my blazer over the back of my chair between meetings).


Everlane perform bike short casual outfit ideas

Another Trader Joe’s look no one asked for!!! But we have to do fashion where we can these days. I threw a jean jacket on for a windy day, plus a scrunchie because that’s another comeback style that makes me laugh a bit!

How else would you pair bike shorts? Have you bought into the trend or are you holding out?

5 thoughts on “Bike shorts outfit ideas: 2 ways to wear them outside the gym”

  1. Overly short dress that I still love + bike shorts is a go to for me. The look also kinda capitalizes on this whole 90’s trend that’s going on.


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