My summer work from home outfit essentials

Ah, remember when we thought we would be back in the office by the end of May? Turns out I’m not going back in 2020 at all–I’m teaching online through the end of the year and feel very very fortunate to be able to do so! I’ve made a few Poshmark purchases recently to fill some work from home wardrobe gaps because finding lounge clothes that 1) make me feel put together and 2) are hot weather appropriate is a challenge. Here are my recent wardrobe additions.

A bodysuit:

Bodysuits make keeping shirts tucked in a problem of the past, plus the leotard vibes are much appreciated. I thrifted this one and have tried it on with approximately every pair pants I have and it goes with everything!

A big button up:

Zoom shirts–they’re a thing. This is my new favorite because it’s tunic length so it works with my most beloved leggings. It’s an old Madewell shirt but they still make it–but truly, there are so many that are almost brand new on Poshmark!

Oh, and the shirt lends itself well to my new favorite lazy outfit, button up with bike shorts and walking sneakers:

If you can’t stretch in between writing Pomodoros what’s the point these days?!?

Flowy pants:

Ahhh this is my new favorite outfit. One big shortcoming in my current wardrobe was that all my work from home stuff was best for winter, but when it’s 100 out I don’t want to be in leggings! Loose, wide leg pants in a breathable fabric were on my thrift list and I found the perfect Eileen Fisher pair on Poshmark. Eileen Fisher is quickly becoming one my favorite brands to thrift because the quality is great but the prices are so low secondhand!

Soft shorts:

This is one of those outfits I got and immediately wore like 5 times. The shirt is one of my favorite Brass fabrics (currently available as pants) and it’s so breathable in the heat. And these shorts are my forever favorite because the belt makes them look fancy but the athletic fabric is so comfy!

How has working from home changed what you wear? I feel pretty set to work through the summer now, for under $50 total! The magic of thrifting, truly. If you’re in the market for some new wfh attire and haven’t used Poshmark before you can get $10 by signing up with my link.

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4 thoughts on “My summer work from home outfit essentials”

  1. I’m considering bike shorts but mainly wear sweatshirts and sometimes pants so I’m v impressed with your vibes


  2. My summer wardrobe continues to be mostly Jean shorts and tee shirts. When I have a ZOOM meeting, I step it up to jean shorts, a blouse, and a cardigan. Work from home = literally no reason to wear anything other than jean shorts.


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