The search for reasonable clothes to work from home in: My virtual work uniform flowchart

I wrote this post in December after a solid semester of working from home every Thursday and Friday. I didn’t hit publish on it at the time, but given world events I am now getting even more familiar with my work from home wardrobe. Even better, I’ve narrowed my work-from-home getting dressed approach down to a simple decision tree. Consider this my flow chart of what to wear in the morning…

Pick a pant

I start every work from home outfit with the non-negotiable: comfortable pants. My collection that meets my own standards is small–I love a good elastic waistband, but the pants also have to be breathable. This leaves:

  • My Brass ponte pants (the only pants featured here, you’ll notice! haha)
  • My Madewell straight leg jeans (these are really oversized–I wear a size 27 and am usually a 28. I could have sized down one more, I think, but why not be comfy?)
  • Joggers (full disclosure: my current pair is not breathable enough so I don’t grab them that often)

Outside or nah?

The next decision is basically “is it nice enough to go out there?” If so, I put socks on and leave shoes near my desk. This eliminates one of the many barriers (cough laziness) that keep me from going for neighborhood walks between tasks. I currently pick between:

  • Old Nikes
  • These Everlane sneakers (gifted, above) if I’m going to also run errands or meet people (not a concern right now).

How cold am I?

The answer is cold. Always cold. The longer I sit at my desk, the worse it gets. I rotate between a “coatigan,” this cozy alpaca sweater, and this Madewell cardigan.


Not a question, but wow could I use some cheer in my daily routine right now. I’ve recently found joy from this funfetti sweater that I thrifted and colorful earrings (like these or these), which I’d like to think cheer others up on Zoom meetings (though I have not polled anyone).

Stay safe in there, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “The search for reasonable clothes to work from home in: My virtual work uniform flowchart”

  1. This is such a great idea. I work from home a lot at the moment (even before current global developments!), and it’s sometimes really hard to find the motivation to put a proper outfit together. All too tempting to cosy up at the desk in a big hoodie. But I’ll definitely be using your decision tree method going forward! Hope you’re staying safe!


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