Five Early Spring Work Outfits

I think I have season amnesia…it’s suddenly 65 degrees out and I’ve entirely forgotten what to wear to work in the spring. To ease the transition, I decided to play dress up a bit and find some spring outfits for when it’s still cold in the morning, a little breezy in the afternoon, and not quite sandal weather. The window to wear spring dresses with sweaters is small, after all, so might as well embrace it!

A bright color

Something about the end of winter makes me want to wear all the colors. The easiest thing to do here is just add something bright and cheerful even if I still need to be bundled up! I am particularly proud of this outfit because I found a way to wear my suit pants, which have such a trouser vibe they usually don’t make it out of the house. They felt glamorous with an oversized sweater and these flats.

Fun prints

I know that “caramel” is technically associated with fall but I love it all year even if it conjures up pumpkin associations. I wore it with leopard print first because it kind of respects my winter preference for black and white, but I also plan to wear these pants with alll the light pink in the coming months. Shirt is thrifted Equipment (there are many on Poshmark!).

Head to toe color

Head to toe color is a bit more of a statement, plus it’s time to be reunited with my beloved cropped pants. My general spring strategy is to bundle up where I get cold (always, always in the arms). Sweater is the Brass sunset sweater (currently unavailable), pants are the skinny ankle pant from Gap, which I browse Poshmark for endlessly, and my shoes are the Sam Edelman Petty boot–I am on my second pair.

Warmed up sundresses

For when it’s mayyyybe borderline that you’re wearing a sundress, but you are just stubborn enough to do it anyway. I think dark florals ease the transition so no one can accuse me of being ahead of the weather? Dress is thrifted, my favorite shoes are here, and I am once again in this sweater, woops.

Lighter accessories

It’s white flats season!!! I have decided. They are so much sharper than a black pair but just as neutral. I found mine with tags on at Goodwill but they honestly aren’t the comfiest so I am considering this pair now. Turtleneck and skirt are thrifted as well.

What are your go-to spring combos? Please halp.

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