A Month of Professor Work Outfits: Week 3

Welcome to another week of business casual professor outfits. This week we had a warm snap and I was able to go sans-tights for a few days, so I would call these spring work outfit ideas (even if it will soon be winter again!). And my neutral color choices finally got to me and I decided to consciously pick out my favorite jewel tones to wear to the office. Here are some easy women’s professor style outfits for the week!


Cashmere is such a great, fancy layer. I don’t own a lot of gray anymore because I realized it was a neutral I thought I “should” own based on those “here’s all your closet essentials” checklist-clickbait posts. Well, guess what? My life is a lot easier now that I’ve ditched most of my navy and gray. Picking all tans and black has made it reeeeallly easy to get dressed in the morning. But I can’t quite ditch this (thrifted! $20!) Theory sweater. It’s unbelievably soft and I like the little funfetti flecks. If you want to twin Everlane makes a similar one, and here are some similar joggers and a blazer (this one has more sizes).


We have job candidates in town this week, which means a lot of driving, walking, picking up/dropping off, etc. Being as comfy as possible seemed appropriate. This alpaca sweater is my current favorite, plus these pants, which are THE SOFTEST. So soft I didn’t even change before crashing on the couch to watch Bachelor. This is the face I make when my partner catches me taking OOTDs and I suddenly get very self conscious:


This outfit was SO FUN. I usually put all my leopard stuff with black, but I decided to go with a burgundy sweater instead and felt quite energetic about it. This slip skirt was a random find so here’s a similar one, plus the boots and sweater. PS: None of these are ethically produced sources. I know that. But I also know I really like seeing links to things in blog posts. Half of this outfit was thrifted, but I think seeing the original brand is also helpful if you like Poshmark browsing, so that’s why I’m linking, though I would encourage thrifting this stuff over buying new!


A dress that is also a cardigan is right up my alley. I am somehow always freezing when I write (I should probably walk around more!) so an extra layer from a turtleneck was a good call. I didn’t know how this outfit would go because I found it on Pinterest and a turtleneck under a v-neck seemed a bit much, but with the right attitude (“I’m allowed to wear this”) I think almost any outfit is just fine! Dress is here, here’s a similar turtleneck.


Teal and caramel was a little out there for me but with blue jeans and caramel boots it felt matchy-matchy in a good way. I’ve been seeing more teal clothes this year, which delights me because it’s my favorite color! I also threw on Trevor’s gold earrings (shameless plug: my fiance makes jewelry). This blazer is old H&M but there are so many of them they are all over Poshmark if you search “double breasted blazer”. And this is an Everlane cashmere sweater (gifted), plus boots (gifted) and jeans.

I was pleasantly surprised that wearing more color this week also made me feel more cheerful at work. I think I’ll continue next week! Which outfit was your fave? I think I’m on team Wednesday 🙂

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