Fall Outfits for When It’s Still Hot Out

How does one dress for fall in the southwest? Or, really, anywhere right now –because in early September it’s still toasty in so many parts of the country. Here are a few items I am thinking could help me ease the transition into fall–especially when it’s still several months off if you live in the desert!

Perforated Booties and Mules

Ok, it’s too hot to wear actual booties, but my sandals could use a break at this point. Boots with some ventilation built in or mules are currently satisfying my fall shoe craving. I found these woven mules at Goodwill.

Fall prints, summer cuts

I’ve been noting whenever something ends up on my fall wishlist and asking if there is a warm weather alternative. I was eyeing some snakeskin boots for fall but knew I couldn’t wear them until November, realistically, so instead I bought this snakeskin block heel. The same could work for leopard print. Similarly, I’ve been looking at short sleeve sweaters online because I finally understand who has use for such things–it’s ME, someone in a desert climate who wants to dress like it’s fall anyway.


Sleeveless turtlenecks are life. They’re flattering and manage to convey such a fall mood. As a bonus, I can put a blazer over them in my air conditioned office and they just look like a full turtleneck. Which brings me to…

Desk cardigans and blazers

Anyone in the southwest knows that even when it’s 105 out it’s 65 indoors. I threw a blazer and cardigan over the back of my desk chair the minute I moved into my new office! A plaid or checked blazer definitely feels fall even when paired with my sundresses. And then I can leave it at school when I get into my scorching hot car to drive home.

4 thoughts on “Fall Outfits for When It’s Still Hot Out”

  1. As a Floridian I dig this post immensely!

    And that blazer is ah-mazing – it seriously looks like it was made for you!


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