Back to school shopping: Grad student edition

One sad part about being an adult who is still in school is that I REALLY miss back to school shopping. Here is a mystery of my childhood: why did I think I needed an updated lunchbox every year? Why did my backpack, binder, and lunchbox have to match? Now, I don’t even use a lunchbox, instead I just pray that the tupperware in my backpack doesn’t explode on my way to school. But I still love new school year supplies–I just have an updated list of needs:

1) Good pens. I got a pack of Staples Opti-flow pens last year and somehow they all wandered off. I’m looking to re-up my supply (they dry INSTANTLY) but I’m also tempted to buy a set of Muji pens after reading the reviews.


2) Cleaning supplies. Chances are, if you work in a shared grad office, it gets gross. This year I’m getting some pledge wipes to keep my ancient desk smelling nice, and a swiffer duster, because our office gets damn dusty and it’s time to be an adult and just take care of it.


3) Instant office popularity. What things do grad students need every day? An extra phone charger. Advil. I know, because I use these 2 things all the time, and am now out of Advil because our department clearly averages 1 headache a day. Things I am not out of but am so happy are in my drawers: Deodorant, Tums, glasses cleaning wipes, Cliff bars.


4) Pretty things. This pretty desk mat covers up the weird stains on my desk. This diffuser will make my desk smell better and look cooler.


I am also tempted by some new string lights. I had some last year and my students complimented them all the time.

What’s on your back to school list? What else do you think makes your grad office comfier? ❤

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