How to start your grad school wardrobe

Q: Hi!! I’m a brand new incoming Master’s student who desperately needs to update her wardrobe. I’m from the east coast and my casual is V casual and I’m moving to a prestigious university on the east coast. What staples do you recommend? How do you put together an outfit? I’m so so so hobo with a little bit of chic and I’m ready to update my wardrobe and look professional!

A: Oooh this is a great question. To start, I think a nice pair of dress pants can take things a long way (even t shirts!). Then I would add a cardigan or 2, and a pair of ride or die flats. I linked to things that are expensive at full price but I’ve had good luck finding on sale. These are the 3 items I would say I reach for the most! A black dress could also be a very versatile option. I have one in a similar shape that I wear with sandals on casual days and flats/cardigan to teach, conference, etc. 

Mixing these items with your jeans/t shirts/sneakers is more fun than doing only business casual, I think! I posted some mix and match ideas here! Does anyone have other suggestions? ❤ 

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