Summer 10×10 Week 2

IWeek 2 of the Summer 10×10 is over! If you missed it, Lee of Style Bee and Caroline of Un-Fancy have been hosting super fun wardrobe challenges where you pick 10 items of clothing and style them over 10 days. I enjoyed the summer version of this challenge, and it made getting dressed to teach summer school every day so easy. Here’s what I wore last week:

I tucked my shirtdress into a pencil skirt for a completely different look. Casual fabrics in fancy cuts are my thing and the cargo fabric of this pencil skirt is perfect for me!

I got a new pair of dress pants from Gap (this color was on sale for ~$30!) and I started pairing them with super casual pieces to ease into wearing them. I hate dress pants and I’m still working on getting over that because sometimes you just have to wear them!

I tried wearing all white! I enjoyed this look even though it’s a little more boho than I’m used to.

I made this outfit, which felt totally odd and all over the place, but, as someone pointed out on Instagram, got the most compliments (funny how things that I dislike sometimes get the most attention–I guess this challenge taught me that risk taking can be rewarded!). 

And, because I ended last week’s post with my currently reading list, this week I’m all about this post-apocalyptic book that made me really sad about climate change and contained academic-style footnotes (#nerd). I’ve been reading a ton for my comprehensive exams in the fall and mixing in fun books at night has been so enjoyable. 

Did you do the 10X10 challenge? If so, what did you learn? 

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