My quest for perfect air dried waves (as someone with hair that hardly waves)

Hello friends! I’ve discussed the curly girl method with enough people on instagram that I know I’m not the only person with a slight wave in their hair who tried it out in search of ways to do less heat styling this summer. The curly girl method (if you haven’t tried yet!) is the idea that a lot of hair care advice is really not great for people with waves/curls, and that with better care you can coax more waves out of your hair. Some of the advice really worked for me–other stuff didn’t work cuz my hair texture is fine and my hair is a delicate flower (eye roll)–so today I thought I would talk about it, if this is your hair too!

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My fancy clothes capsule, revisited

Now that weddings are back in action, I’ve been enjoying the peace of mind of having a fancy dress capsule. What is a fancy dress capsule? It’s a few dresses and accessories that are all ready to go so that parties don’t cause you stress: frantic mall trip the week of the event stress, frantic morning of the event stress when you realize you don’t have a bra that works…all of that is a thing of the past! Here are my dress and accessory must-haves and a reflection on how my fancy items have changed in recent years.

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It’s too damn hot! Here are some business casual outfits

Every year I arrive at July and am completely out of office outfit inspiration, because it is over 100 degrees outside and no business casual outfit seems reasonable. And yet I must go to work anyway. Here are 3 outfits I’ve made recently, plus my ultimate trick for professional clothes when it’s hot.

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I know what I like. Why don’t I buy it?

I’ve been thinking more lately about aligning with my ideal style with my very real wardrobe. I mean I think I’ve been thinking about this since I started shopping more intentionally and keeping a capsule wardrobe 5+ years ago. And yet….why do I still have a closet full of so many things that are almost-right?

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Let’s make more interesting outfits!

I recently started watching a series of videos about styling outfits and got to thinking about how to make my own outfits, well, more interesting. I tend to accessorize in ways that are safe: pick the shoes that match. Pair gold with white, silver with gray. But this stylist was telling me to create outfits with more “friction,” or pieces that aren’t quite matchy matchy, for more interest. Let’s try it out!

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The back to the office cheat sheet: Outfits with skirts

I love a good midi skirt but I just couldn’t bring myself to work from home in them. Here are 3 easy summer and fall midi skirt outfit ideas for returning to the office in 2021! Do you need outfit ideas for skirts? Maybe not. Do I instantly forget outfits I like when it’s time to make a decision? Yes, of course. Here we go!

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